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Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have loved the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads ever since I tried it in 2013. It soon became my holy grail beauty product. Once I run out, I would rush to the shops to get some more. However, at £12.99 for 60 pads it was really breaking the bank for me. There was no way I could justify paying that much for something that will last me just over a month. However, I still kept on purchasing it until recently.

I mentioned previously that my mother in law was around. Anyway, when she arrived, she couldn’t get to the shops to get her usual cleanser so she asked to use some of mine. I gave her the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads which she also loved. When it ran out she asked me to get more which I did. She also asked me how much they were a she would like to switch to them. The funniest thing happened when I revealed the price to her. Being the typical Nigerian woman she was screamed “AAHH” and mumbled some stuff in Yoruba which basically meant the price is too high.
Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water

Like myself, she needed a cleanser that require no faffing about whats so ever.  Being the wise ‘old’ woman that she is, she came up with a substitute for us both to use. It is a combination of micellar water and glycerin on cotton pads.

Micellar water has been all the rage in recent years. We just love anything french don’t we?. Many brands like La Roche-Posay, Vichy and Avené have all come out with their versions. My favourite has to be Bioderma’s which I bought in Paris a few years back. It is actually this brand that began the micellar water trend.

Glycerin is a jack of all trades product. It can be used for to relieve sore throats, coughs and dry skin.  In fact, when Amelia was a baby, I used to dilute a little and clean her tongue with it. It is an ingredient often found in beauty products due to its softening and moisturising factor.

Combine the two and you have a no nonsense cleansing system that leaves skin refreshed without taking away any moisture. A 400ml bottle of Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water is said to last for up 200 uses. For roughly £3.30 its definitely more affordable than the Nip+ Fab pads.

I suffer from sensitive skin, especially on my face. I found that this Micellar water worked well with my skin. My face wasn’t left feeling with dry. I do have to mention that the formula feels slightly watered down when the Bioderma Micellar water. It takes a few pads to wipe off eye make up.Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water

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The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I have a new found obsession with fragrance and watches but I’ll save the latter for another post. I have a host of fragrances sitting on my bathroom shelf. I have even review a couple. ( Have a look here and here.) My current favourite is Prada Candy.  Today, I am sharing with you The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I was intrigued when I heard about The Fragrance Shop’s Discover Club. Like a beauty box, the Discovery Club sends out fragrance samples quarterly for just £5. I truly believe this is a really affordable concept and the no obligation contract means it can be cancelled at anytime. It comes with both male and female fragrances.

Perfume Samples Box

What’s more, with every discovery club box comes a discount for each featured perfume which can even be passed on to friends/family. The most recent box comes with 7 perfumes vials which include delightful brands like Stella McCartney, Guerlain ( which smells amazing ) and Versace.

The Discovery Club

This could pass as a really nice gift for someone. The Discovery Club provides an opportunity to try out a range of fragrances ( minimum 5 ) before making that commitment to buy. The packaging is really nice and simply. The rectangular box is covered in shredded paper and each sample come with its own packaging.

For more information on how it works click here.

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Feeling Blue

I had a really cool opportunity come my way recently and before it seemed concrete, I was excited and now I’m scared. The prospect of it actually happening has left me feeling blue because it means I would have to return to full time work away from home. I’m torn because I love working but being based at home is not going so well right now.

Feeling Blue

I enjoy waking up everyday and knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids and who they are with, what they are eating etc. However, I get a thrill out of waking up, getting dressed and leaving the house knowing I am going to work. That I will earn enough money to get them anything they want. I just wish there was a balance. A way to get that that peace of mind, the thrill whilst still earning enough. I thought being freelance would get me this balance but it hasn’t.

The main colour of this week’s outfit is blue. To match my feeling. It’s funny how the simplest of outfit grabs the most attention. On Instagram, I had friends and followers commenting on how lovely I looked. When in actually fact, when I was getting dressed I didn’t think much of this look.

Virgos Lounge Jacket

There is something about this Virgos Lounge Jacket that grabs attention. Whenever I am looking to add some vavavoom to a simple outfit, I go for it. The intricate bead work means it really heavy so I am always careful to wear it. It is a really delicate piece that I adore! I’ve had it for two years now don’t see it leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

Sunday for us was really boring. after church we returned home and just chilled. In fact, our entire weekend was just like that. I spent Saturday doing the girl’s hair and catching up on my fav TV shows! OMG Scandal had me speechless #teamjake!

Cobalt Blue Shoe
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Highland Spring Mini Tennis Month

We are half way through the month of April but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this awesome opportunity. The month of April has been dubbed ‘Highland Spring Mini Tennis Month’. This sees them  offering free tennis lessons to families all over the country.

To promote tennis as a family sport, schools, parks and tennis venues are offering free parent and child sessions. If you are like me, getting the kids active is a priority and one of the easiest way to do this is through outdoor activities.

You’d be surprised to know CeCe owns football boots and is starting training pretty soon. Before we selected football as our sport of choice, we debated on tennis but didn’t realise how many tennis venues were in our area. What the Highland Spring mini tennis month offers is a chance for families to benefit from the fun that tennis has to offer. But in a suitable environment boasting with smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower bouncing balls.

Highland Spring Mini Tennis Month

If you would like to find out more click here or to find your nearest mini tennis venue click here 

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A Walk by the River

We live so close to the River Thames and one of our favourite things to do is to take a walk by the river. The thames path is beautiful especially during the hotter months. You see so many different people either jogging, on their bikes or families like mine on the path.

A Walk by the River

A Walk by the River

The Easter holiday have come to an end. For us, it has been a really busy, but fun one. The weather has been absolutely beautiful these last few days so on Thursday last week, we decided to head to the play ground then for a walk by the thames after lunch. Long walks are such a cost effective way to get the kids out of the house. Not only do you sneak in exercise but depending on the area, you can teach the kids a lot too.

Royal Arsenal is truly a magnificent place that I wish we as a family appreciated more. The area boasts little cafes and museums perfect for developing little minds. On our walk, Cece pointed to the Firepower Museum where she visited with her  school last year.

Thames Path

Fun Day Out with Kids

On our way back we popped into our local Tesco express and picked up a pack of  ice cream and some sweets. We ended the day by watching movies on Netflix whilst cuddling on the sofa!

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