Bargainista Fashionista

    The January sales have heightened my shopping addiction. However, to keep my spending to a minimum, I do two things – imagine 3 different way I’d way the item I covet and only buy it if it’s truly worth it. Fortunately, for my style and my bank account, a lot of items have met that criteria.

    My recent sale finds has led to be dubbing  myself ‘bargainista fashionista’ over on Instagram.  I bought the most glorious bell sleeve dress in Zara for a mere £7.99 and I’m currently lusting over these New Balance 410s.


    I’m the type to buy new clothes and wear it everyday non-stop. Take this coat for example, I bought it last week and have worn it every chance I get.  The fit is exactly what I look for in a coat, but I do wish the colour was different. Say navy blue.

    When it comes to navy blue coloured items, I’m like flies on s***! I’m drawn to them in a way that even I cannot describe. My style direction for 2016 is all about keeping things to a minimum. I’m drawn to greys, blacks, blues and whites with the extra pop of colour which you can see from my Instagram.

    Towards the end of last year, I had an idea to revive a post I used to write but I became so busy that I couldn’t. I hope I’m able to implement it this year so every one of you can become bargainista fashionista like me.

    ‘Shopping Friday’ will be a regular post that’ll bring you discounts codes, heavily discounted products and sale finds. Bargainista Fashionista

    Bargainista Fashionista Bargainista Fashionista

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