Get In, Go Far with an Apprenticeship

GCSE  √ A level  BA Hons Degree √ But can you believe I still cannot get a job.  Being from an African background I was brought up with a certain standard. Go to school and get straight As but that wasn’t really for me and get a job as a Lawyer or Doctor. Although I didn’t follow their exact path, I wish I went off it completely ( if that makes any sense)

When my nephew decided to drop out of University even though he was doing well everyone was in sheer shock. Though they all let him do what he wanted. I mean it’s his life after all. You could tell that they’d much rather see him back at University. However,  When I found out, I thought kudos to him. I wish I had the balls to do it.

Since he dropped out earlier this year, what I been pushing him towards was an apprenticeship. He has so many interests with a bonus of very good GCSE & A Level results. An apprenticeship is a real job with training so you can earn while you learn and pick up nationally recognised qualifications.When I got an email about the new government scheme titled ‘Get in, Go Far’ set up t promote this apprenticeships I was happy. Finally it is being recognised that not everyone wants to follow the school route. Some people actually want to go into the world of work immediately after school.

I have been using this government funded apprenticeship service since 2011 although not for myself because apparently graduates can’t do apprenticeships. Either way am so happy to hear that it is being pushed further to gain more publicity because more people need to know about it and that there are chances.

Get in Go Far with an Apprenticeship

To support the launch of the Get In, Go Far Apprenticeships campaign, an interactive board known as Apprentice Selfie Map has been created.

The Pinterest map which will feature apprentice selfies from all over the UK, demonstrating the thousands of different Apprenticeships available and showcasing the amazing opportunity employers are offering to young people in range of industries from fashion and marketing to media and broadcast. For example there Apprenticeships offered at ASOS, M15, V&A and Google.

To mark the launch of the campaign, Nick Boles MP has been visiting apprentices to see for himself the impact the scheme is having on young people. He has already joined in, taking selfies with the apprentices at Google and the V&A, which will be pinned to the interactive map. The map will build over coming weeks as more apprentices submit their selfies and this will form a living overview of Apprenticeships across England, as they build towards the 2m announcement in November.

Side Note: I had planned this post and it was scheduled to go up and everything when I got news on Friday morning that the son of a family friend had died. Suicide. Because of bad GCSE results. This is boy I used to babysit many years ago… I remember spending one summer with them. This news really saddened me. I believe it would still have had the same effect even if it was someone I didn’t know. The thought of the amount of pressure he must have felt before the exams and the way he would have felt like he disappointed everyone really upsets me.  I really wish the amount of pressure people put on getting good grades will ease up. This is not the first time this has happened but I pray it is the last. It was such a sad story that the news was shared on Daily Mail, The Mirror and many other websites.

I really hope the government can provide kids who don’t get the required A*- C grades the chance to also get into apprenticeships.


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