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KidZania London

Mummy, I want to be a… , Daddy I want to be a…. If your child has ever uttered that sentence with their chosen profession at the end. Be it a doctor, a firefighter or even a journalist then you as a parent may be looking for ways to encourage and educate them about that profession. That’s where KidZania come in. A child-sized city designed to teach children life skills in a fun and engaging way.

Kidzania London is an educational attraction new to London but already established in numerous places  including Tokyo and Lisbon. The concept is slightly confusing and admittedly scary but when you understand it, I tell you, you can’t help but love it. There are over 60 real life role play activities to chose from.

Kidzania London Welcome Kidzania London

Prior to arrival, I had no idea what so ever what to expect. I invited my friend along whose daughter was the same age as CeCe ( Six ). When she requested more information, I wasn’t sure what to say. All I could come up with was that it’s entertainment venue for kids. What she gathered from that was that it was soft play.

Together, we drove from South East London to South west London. Underestimating Saturday traffic meant we arrived late and missed the tour of the place which meant we were left lost and confused. It’s still a pretty new venue. Yesterday,  was in fact its 1 month birthday in London.

To my surprise, I was pleased with the whole experience. Kidzania is located at the swanky Westfield London next to M&S and equipped with all the directions needed from the the parking lot up to the airport style entrance to the venue. Upon arrival, we were greeted enthusiastic staffs who helped book up in, provided our boarding passes, and a high tech bracelet which worked as a tracking device ( Lost kids is a thing of the past ) and a way to track activities on the day.

Kidzania London Kidzania London Ticket

KidZania operates the same way as an amusement park. You spot a ‘ride’ you want to go on and you queue up for that ‘ride’. Outside there is a notice, telling you how many people can go in at a time, how much Kidzos it would cost ( or sometimes earn )  and how long it would take. I thought this was really handy in explaining to the little one about patience and waiting their turn. At the entrance, the kids are also given 50 KidZo, which they can use to ‘pay’ things in KidZania be it food, or to enhance themselves career-wise.

CeCe and her friend chose to learn how to make smoothies at Innocent Smoothie Kitchen and chocolate at the Diary Milk making session. They also had a go at doing grocery shop at the Supermarket. Popular experiences include the Capital FM Radio room, wall climbing and styling session at the H&M store. Whilst  downstair is jam-packed with activities for the older kids ( 6 and above ). Upstairs, was also filled with activities for 4 and younger. Due to a last minute change, I had to take Amelia with me. I was worried there wouldn’t be much for her to do but in fact there was. She was able to play in the Early Learning Centre which she thoroughly enjoyed, there was also a music room and an arts and craft area which she could have tried.

Kidzania London

Kidzania London Direction Kidzania London Baby Kidzania London Activity

KidZania is aimed at children aged 4 – 14 and although I was pleased with the experience that my 6 year old  had, I have to say its definitely more for the older kids. Let’s say 9 and upwards and may work pretty well as part of a school trip.   Parents can leave kids aged 7 and above at KidZania whilst they shop around in Westfield or relaxed in the wifi equipped parents lounge.

I was really pleased with the facilities at the location. Toilets were conveniently located. I was caught off guard by the air plane style toilet. There was even a Mothercare nursing room for parents with younger ones to breastfeed, warm meals and change a nappy.

Whilst there have been mixed review about KidZania, I have to say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Its an amazing way to encourage learning and getting kids to think about their future hence why I recommend a visit for parents with older children. For more information, please visit their website.

Kidzania London Mascot

Kidzania London

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Oversized Blue Shirt

My love for cotton shirts has now reached a new height. I have 3 whites, 2 printed and I’ve just added this oversized blue shirt to the collection. One of the reasons I love cotton shirt is because they so airy and ideal for a casual smart look in the summer but can also be layered in the winter.

Oversized Blue Shirt

This oversized blue shirt is from H&M and in fact when it comes to shirts, H&M is my go to place. The fit is always just right. They always have a wide range to chose from . Coloured, patterns and plain white. What I particularly like about this blue is the oversized fit.  I can wear in a wide range of ways. Possibly even as a dress if I was feeling brave.

On this occasion, I wore it with a pair of white jeans ( similar here ), tan sandals ( similar here )and a saddle bag. For a pop of colour, I add this John Rocha scarf from Debenhams.

Oversized Blue Shirt

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Teacher’s Gift Ideas

School’s out for the summer!! Well, almost. With one day left before they break up for six weeks, I thought I’d compile a last minute gift guide to give you an idea of what type of gifts you can get you child’s teacher.

Last year, getting a gift for my child’s teacher really wasn’t on my agenda. However, this year I really want to get something for CeCe’s teacher. I feel like she, as well as the teaching assistants have really helped CeCe come a long way. She done amazingly well in her phonics screening and her reading is impeccable.

With this comes the added pressure of finding the right gift. I don’t know the teacher personally, so I can’t pin point what she will like so I’ve basically narrowed it down to what I think is suitable.I always strive to be different so aside from the obvious flowers, and chocolate, I think any of the below will make a good gift. I tried to cover all the grounds so there are sentimental gifts like the a little sunshine bracelet as well as unique ones like teacher’s tin and ones for unwinding like the bath oil.

I really hope this teacher’s gift ideas will help you figure out what to get. Teacher's Gift Ideas

  1. Teacher’s Tin | Presents for Men £7.99
  2. Small Black Keyboard Stationery Set | Music Room £2.99
  3. Joma  ‘A Little Sunshine’ Bracelet | £14.99
  4. Teacher Thanks Mini Tote Bag | All by Mamas £5.00
  5. Olverum Bath Oil | Olverum £23.50 125ml
  6. Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bites | Tesco £2.50
  7. TeaPigs ‘Pick n Mix’ | TeaPigs £15.00
  8. Colour Block Stripped Mug | Music Room £5.99
  9. The Teachers Treat Gift Voucher | Spa at Ramside £50
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Outfit Round Up

The second half 2015 is in full swing and there’s just a month till my birthday. I am now officially in reflective mode. I am thinking about my achievements, setting new goals and basically trying to better myself.

One of the ways in which I am doing this is through my style so I thought I’d do an outfit round up showing you my favourite outfits so far this year.

Looking at these images, I can definitely see a difference. I am taking more risks with my outfits. Even my photo editing has change. The bottom of this outfits collage shows images from the beginning of the year whilst the top half shows more recent images.

I am loving simple pieces that make a statement like the yellow and black dress which reminds me of the Snapchat icon and the green ankara top I wore recently with a pair of jeans.

I noticed that the Zara wrap skirt is a huge favourite of mine. As well as the Primark limited edition bag which is pictured below three times!

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Outfit Round Up

Joy to the world

Eventbrite Summer School

What’s that quote again? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Throughout this month ( July ), Eventbrite will be hosting a series of morning classes to teach Londoners new skills as part of the Eventbrite Summer School.

I have vowed to myself to broaden my knowledge this summer. Ways in which I want to do this is by travelling more, eating new food and enhancing myself in terms of careers. After research, I have discovered that there are a host of ways to do this. Some free and some not as pricey as I’d have thought it’d be.

Eventbrite Summer SchoolSome of the Eventbrite Summer School classes taking place at Pizza Pilgrims new coffee kiosk on 11 Kingly Street are ‘Make a Flower Crown with Rose and Wolf, ‘Mundo Lingo’s Language Practice’ and ‘The Future of Food and Drinks Events’. There is definitely something for you whether you want to enhance a current skill, learn new things or just meditate.

After new research revealed that more of us are attending morning classes especially in the summer months, Eventbrite have scheduled all classes to begin at 8:00am with some free classes and none costing more than £10. For more information, please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/summerschool