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The O2

The O2

The O2 is my go to place for entertainment. Mainly because it is a 15min drive away from where I live. There is so much to do there like eat, watch a film or even climb. My recent visits to the the O2 have left me wanting to experience Up at the O2 but still not sure if I have enough courage. Some of my favourite restaurants there are Rodizio Rico, Chiquita, Pizza Express and Nandos. There are still a handful that I am yet to try like Las Iguanas who are currently offering 20% off with same day cinema or Up at the O2 tickets.

My birthday was last week and Gaucho looked like such a great place to go and celebrate. They are currently offering a three-course lunch for £26pp.  As a Greenwich local, I’ve always said how I don’t value the area and all the fun things available to nearby.

With the upcoming bank holiday weekend, the O2 have a lot of offers in place like ‘Kids Eat Free’ at selected restaurants. Visit www.theo2.co.uk for more information.

The O2

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Bratz Are Back

Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of toys. Furthermore, because I grew up with boys, the toys I was surrounded with were mainly action figures and video games. That doesn’t mean I didn’t come across the occasional doll though. I often came across Barbies and Bratz dolls.

Bratz are back

Fast-forward to today and being a mother to girls means I am inevitably surrounded by dolls. We have Barbies and majority of the Disney princesses in different sizes but one thing we don’t have is a doll of colour. Following a two year hiatus, Bratz are back and hoping to be better suited to the modern day girl. The initial concept of Bratz dolls was to create a diverse doll collection and that still remains the same.

I am a such fan of the revamped dolls. You can tell that there was time and effort put into coming up with them.  The new Bratz looks the same physically with some minor fashion changes but the new range includes an extra doll. Close, Yasmin, Sasha, Jade and Raya are now part of ‘Generation Z’ and empower girls to create their own world through creative play on multiple platforms. I truly believe they  are well suited to this day and age.

Bratz are back

After watching the Bratz movie on Netflix, CeCe was eager to play with her new doll Yasmin. She dresses her up, does her hair and takes her everywhere.  In her own word “ I like Yasmin because she came with a guitar and a hair brush so I can do her hair”.

There are new aspects of the Bratz dolls that I think is genius and others that I think needs refining. With CeCe being only six years old, I don’t think she can quite appreciate Bratz #SelfieSnaps.

The new Bratz dolls are now available from Argos.

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Café Rouge Children’s Menu

I hold very fond memories of Cafe Rouge. The first time I visited the restaurant was when I started my job with LOCOG in 2012. It was a team lunch for us to get to know each other. Since then, I have become a regular thanks to Tesco Clubcard!  The Cafe Rouge Children’s Menu has had a revamp and I was invited along with other yummy mummies for a trial. You all know my love for food so of course I said yes!

Cafe Rouge Café Rouge Children’s MenuCeCe is exactly like me. A complete and utter foodie. She was so eager to eat that day it was funny. She ordered the Poulet Ohh La La along with a glass of lemonade. For Amelia, I ordered the Poulet Goujon which came with chips -and a glass of pineapple juice.

Before their mains arrived, the kids  were giv, en their starters which was bread with tomato sauce and some veggies. Like the polar opposites that they are Cece enjoyed the bread whilst Amelia enjoyed the veggies!

I liked the fact that the kids meal came with some sort of vegetable either as part of their starters or the main meal. I find it hard to get my kids to eat a range of vegetables but whenever we visit a restaurant, they manage to.

Café Rouge Children’s Menu Café Rouge Poulet Ohh La La Café Rouge Kids Meal

To celebrate my sister in law’s birthday which was the week before, I asked her to tag along. For starters, we ordered Fougasse A ’L’ail aka tear and share garlic bread with warm garlic butter. Before I continue let me just use a few words to pay homage to this bread. Pizza Express watch out! Your garlic dough balls have some fierce competition!

I am that person that regularly visits the same restaurant, orders the same thing even though I’ve browsed the menu for ages! This time, I wanted to try something different. I’m trying to be unpredictable and spontaneous so I ordered Loup De Mer for my mains.The meal was everything and then some! Each ingredient worked together to create party in my mouth. The seabass fillet was well seasoned inside and out.

Café Rouge Demi Poulet Café Rouge Seabass Café Rouge Garlic Bread

The kids menu is really affordable and filling for little tummies. For a mere £6.95, they get starters, mains, dessert and a drink.  Our visit was absolutely pleasant and I look forward to the next time I visit. To find out more about the new children’s menu at Cafe Rouge please visit their website.

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New Start

It feels like such a long time since I posted so I’d like to apologise. In case you weren’t aware, I just started a new job at Blackhair Magazine and things have been quite full on with the summer holidays too. I’m looking forward to the new start. This is what I wore on my first day but with a grey t-shirt and flat shoes

My bargain hunting skills are really improving. This week’s outfit costs less than £50 and that’s from head to toe sans the Ray-Bans of course. I had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment when I spotted this suede skirt in Primark last week. I’d been after a nice suede skirt for a while but wasn’t keen on all the ones I’d found. What I love about this Primark skirt is how stretchy it is which ultimately means comfort.

Another recent purchase is this trench I bought from Boohoo.com.  Its super light but somehow still provides the functionality of a jacket. The colour is unlike anything I own at the moment so definitely a good buy. Paired with a white cropped top and pointed court shoes and the outfit is complete!

New Start First Day of Work Outfit Work Outfit



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KidZania London

Mummy, I want to be a… , Daddy I want to be a…. If your child has ever uttered that sentence with their chosen profession at the end. Be it a doctor, a firefighter or even a journalist then you as a parent may be looking for ways to encourage and educate them about that profession. That’s where KidZania come in. A child-sized city designed to teach children life skills in a fun and engaging way.

Kidzania London is an educational attraction new to London but already established in numerous places  including Tokyo and Lisbon. The concept is slightly confusing and admittedly scary but when you understand it, I tell you, you can’t help but love it. There are over 60 real life role play activities to chose from.

Kidzania London Welcome Kidzania London

Prior to arrival, I had no idea what so ever what to expect. I invited my friend along whose daughter was the same age as CeCe ( Six ). When she requested more information, I wasn’t sure what to say. All I could come up with was that it’s entertainment venue for kids. What she gathered from that was that it was soft play.

Together, we drove from South East London to South west London. Underestimating Saturday traffic meant we arrived late and missed the tour of the place which meant we were left lost and confused. It’s still a pretty new venue. Yesterday,  was in fact its 1 month birthday in London.

To my surprise, I was pleased with the whole experience. Kidzania is located at the swanky Westfield London next to M&S and equipped with all the directions needed from the the parking lot up to the airport style entrance to the venue. Upon arrival, we were greeted enthusiastic staffs who helped book up in, provided our boarding passes, and a high tech bracelet which worked as a tracking device ( Lost kids is a thing of the past ) and a way to track activities on the day.

Kidzania London Kidzania London Ticket

KidZania operates the same way as an amusement park. You spot a ‘ride’ you want to go on and you queue up for that ‘ride’. Outside there is a notice, telling you how many people can go in at a time, how much Kidzos it would cost ( or sometimes earn )  and how long it would take. I thought this was really handy in explaining to the little one about patience and waiting their turn. At the entrance, the kids are also given 50 KidZo, which they can use to ‘pay’ things in KidZania be it food, or to enhance themselves career-wise.

CeCe and her friend chose to learn how to make smoothies at Innocent Smoothie Kitchen and chocolate at the Diary Milk making session. They also had a go at doing grocery shop at the Supermarket. Popular experiences include the Capital FM Radio room, wall climbing and styling session at the H&M store. Whilst  downstair is jam-packed with activities for the older kids ( 6 and above ). Upstairs, was also filled with activities for 4 and younger. Due to a last minute change, I had to take Amelia with me. I was worried there wouldn’t be much for her to do but in fact there was. She was able to play in the Early Learning Centre which she thoroughly enjoyed, there was also a music room and an arts and craft area which she could have tried.

Kidzania London

Kidzania London Direction Kidzania London Baby Kidzania London Activity

KidZania is aimed at children aged 4 – 14 and although I was pleased with the experience that my 6 year old  had, I have to say its definitely more for the older kids. Let’s say 9 and upwards and may work pretty well as part of a school trip.   Parents can leave kids aged 7 and above at KidZania whilst they shop around in Westfield or relaxed in the wifi equipped parents lounge.

I was really pleased with the facilities at the location. Toilets were conveniently located. I was caught off guard by the air plane style toilet. There was even a Mothercare nursing room for parents with younger ones to breastfeed, warm meals and change a nappy.

Whilst there have been mixed review about KidZania, I have to say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Its an amazing way to encourage learning and getting kids to think about their future hence why I recommend a visit for parents with older children. For more information, please visit their website.

Kidzania London Mascot

Kidzania London

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