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Happy 6th Birthday

Six years ago, on a lovely spring Thursday at 6:40am, my daughter CeCe was born weighing 3.4kg and looking the like the spitting image of her father. From the moment she was born, she filled me with joy. An unfathomable amount of it. She makes me laugh till me stomach hurts. She makes me proud beyond words.  To celebrate her 6th birthday, I thought I’d share 6 facts about her.

Happy 6th Birthday

1. She is funny.

Like laugh out loud funny. For example, on our way back from school one windy day, she fell over randomly. I stopped to asked her if she was OK and what happened. Her response? Maybe the wind pushed me. This still has me in stitches when I remember.

2. She looks like her dad. A lot.

I mentioned it above that she was the spitting image of her dad and I’m not even lying. People doubt she is my child but when she is with him there are no questions asked. They have the same ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Happy 6th Birthday

3. She is fashionable.

Which I think she gets from her me of course. But don’t tell her dad. Like most girls her age, she enjoys picking out what to wear and insists on what to buy. If I was to dress her in something she hates, she’d be grumpy all day.

4. She wears glasses.

This doesn’t please her dad very much because he has ‘perfect’ eye sight. When Cece went to the opticians last year and was told to wear prescriptions for corrective reasons my husband  was adamant that she didn’t need it. I think he forgets that she can inherit from me too.

5. She is knowledgable.

Sometimes when she says things, I stop in my tracks and ask her to repeat it because I have no idea how she gained that knowledge. She knows things I actually wish she didn’t know for example song lyrics.

Happy 6th Birthday

6. Lastly, she I quiet, shy and sometimes gullible.

Yesterday, I told her the reason her friend’s mum had to take her to school was because I went to Nigeria and she believed me. She even asked his our family back home were doing. Oh dear. I love her for these qualities.

She has chosen to celebrate her birthday by having a pizza making party at Pizza Express. Due to availability, it will be taking place on her dad’s birthday in two weeks. Happy 6th Birthday CeCe!!

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Vita Coco Kids

One of the things I pay attention to when buying food for the kids is of course content levels. I’d hate for them to have too much of something. I’m that parent that checks the labels before buying. With drinks, I tend to be weary of the sugar levels.

They enjoy drinking drinks like Ribena, Orange juice and fruit shoot but I always try and give them in moderation because of the sugar levels. With Amelia, I alway mix it with water to ensure I have reduced to an ideal level.

Vita Coco Kids

Did you know : Sugar can cause tooth decay in children. Dentists  advise drinking water and sipping sugary drinks from a straw to limi ‘free sugar’ contact with teeth. Free Sugar are harmful sugars that stay in the mouth’s saliva.

Did you watch the BBC documentary The Truth About Sugar? I did and I learnt a lot. If you didn’t I’d recommend you do. Some of the revelations were truly shocking and some were of course expected. I was surprise to see that fruit juice like orange and apple contain far more sugar than I thought.

With the help of nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, Vita Coco Kids have a launched a sugar guideline called The Sugar Maze.  It has been designed to help parents like me make an easy an informed decision on what children should drink.

Vita Coco Kids

I’v always enjoyed a nice glass of Vita Coco Natural Coconut water so when I saw Vita Coco Kids last year in Waitrose, I picked it up without hesitation.  ( I even tweet about it here ). CeCe and Amelia both love the Mango & Pineapple flavour whilst I prefer the Blackcurrant and Apple.

The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) has recommended that our daily sugar in take should not be more than 10% of our daily energy intake ( 50g ) whilst the UN agency advise only 5% ( 25g ). I think aiming for the middle is advisable.

The Sugar Maze Vita Coco Kids

The Sugar Maze by Vita Coco Kids make spotting high sugar culprits easy. On the maze, I was surprised to see that smoothies  and fresh vegetable juice were on the ‘ re-think your drink section’. However, according to their research smoothies contain far too much sugar and fresh vegetable juice may have high sodium levels. A 180ml carton of Vita Coco Kids contains 9g of sugar and other leading kids drink are well above 10g with high calories too.



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I Really Like You

I can’t stop singing Carly Rae Jepsen’s new song ‘I Really Like You’. I heard it yesterday and its been stuck in my head ever since. Its similar to her 2012 song Call Me Maybe that also blew up. But I didn’t really like that one but had to tolerate it since it was being played everywhere.

I Really Like You

Aside from Sundays being my day of getting dolled up, it is also the day I use to clean up the house. I do laundry, mop the whole house even clear out the cupboards on this day. I do this whilst listening to music. This helps keep the kids occupied and sometimes CeCe even helps me clean.

I Really Like You

We go from the current chart to afrobeats. I didn’t realise how much fun dancing and cleaning could be. There is something about Carly Rae’s I  Really Like You that is rally catchy! I absolutely loooovee the video. Possibly because I am a sucker for Tom Hanks.

I Really Like You

In the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to take many pictures hence why things have been a little scarce on the blog.  In the post I am wearing this lace top I picked up from Primark with my wide leg trousers from Zara which I forgot I owned.

The Ugly Duckling Book Review
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The Ugly Duckling Book Review

There is a particular magic that reading brings to a child. It takes them to a whole new world led by their imagination. I really enjoy looking at my daughters faces when I read to them.

As members of the Parragon Book Buddies last month we received a ‘slide and see’ book called The Ugly Duckling. Like the last book we reviewed ( here ), The Ugly Duckling is a popular story brought to life with bold use of colours, illustrations and ‘slide and see’

The Ugly Duckling Book Review

Amelia is now 15months old and her curiosity is at an all time high. She is eager to know more and do things herself. The slide and see feature on this book encourages interactivity. Amelia loved sliding out the next page to hear more of the story.

Slide and See : The Ugly Duckling is available to purchase from Amazon.

Get fit or Die Tryin'‏
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Get fit or Die Tryin’‏

At the beginning of the year we all go through the ‘setting goals’ periods. I set mine every year and  by the third month I throw in the towel. Well, not this year. This year I am sticking to my guns. I must achieve my set goals.

Get fit or Die Tryin'‏

One of the goal I set for this year was getting fit. Being a parenting requires juggling a whole host of things. I find that I am always all over the place doing A or B so eating right is always difficult. But I have said to myself, I must get fit or die tryin’ ( not literally of course )

When it comes to staying fit, one of the things I find quite hard is eating right. I love my Nigerian meals however they can be quite ‘unhealthy’ and its hard to eat a variety. Mosts meals are high on carbs. Also more often than not I find myself eating late because I had so much to do.

To stay on track, I have carried out extensive research which I believe is really helping. I found this NHS article sharing ‘The truth about carbs’ It has really enlightened me on the how to cope with my high carbohydrate diet. So I dont have to eat different meals from the rest of my family.

Another way I have been staying on track is through Nigerian #instachefs my favourite being @dooneyskitchen. I have never tasted her food but her images leave my mouth watering. I often find myself rushing to the next food shop just so I can try out one of her recipes, which can all be found here. Whilst reading Skint Dad’s blog I came across this post ‘ 7 Free Alternatives instead of paying for Gym Membership’ and I think it is useful for anyone trying to get fit on a budget.

I am trying to lose weight not to get to a smaller dress size but to get rid of my ‘mum tum’. It has been there for almost six years now and I think its time it disappeared. I would love to wear a cropped top this summer!