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Sunshine by the Cutty Sark

When the weather is good, I feel good. Do you? This weekend was absolutely amazing so there was no way I was going to stay indoors doing nothing. Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday and we soaked up the Sunshine by the Cutty Sark.

Sunshine by the Cutty Sark Sunshine by the Cutty Sark

On Friday, we went out rollerskating which saw Cece crying in hysterics because of how nervous she was to be using her skates for the first time. She couldn’t even step out the front door even though her friends offered to teach her and hold her hands. If anyone knows how to teach a child to be brave and take big steps then please tell me. Nowadays, getting her do anything bold is so hard!

The Mr  had to work all weekend so on Saturday, we headed to Bexleyheath for a late lunch at Nandos. I haven’t had a ‘cheeky Nandos’ in a while so it was a welcomed meal. I got to try out the new Sweet Potato wedges which were mind blowing with the peri peri chicken!


Greenwich Cutty Sark

Sunday was all about being a tourist in my own area. I don’t understand how I rarely utilise the cool area I live in it. Greenwich is always picturesque no matter the season, but yesterday it was extra beautiful. The sky was clear, the birds were chirping and everyone was joyfully sitting by the Cutty Sark and toping up on their Vitamin D.

I decided to take advantage of the impeccable scenery and taking my outfit shots. This week, I am wearing the oh so popular camel coloured Double Buckle Wrap Skirt from Zara ( similar here  and here )with a sleeveless white shirt from ASOS. I decided to wear it with these brown fringe sandals that I have had for  over 5 years ( Similar style here ). They are so comfy and bang on trend this season. Another on trend piece, is this Brown Saddle Bag from Primark ( Similar here )  And to finish off, I am wearing my rose gold Daniel Wellington Watch with a rose gold bangle from Primark.

Double Buckle Wrap Skirt London Tourist Attraction

Debenhams Autumn / Winter Preview

Last week, Debenhams held an event to showcase their A/W15 offering. Being the eager beaver that I am, I attended the event. Below are just a few of the things you can expect to see in stores soon. Debenhams have puled out all for their Autumn Winter collection. I was really impressed with all the products I saw at the preview.

Debenhams A/W15 Debenhams Winter Debenhams Partywear Debenhams Kidswear

One of the main things I like about Debenhams is their vast offerings to suit any budget. They carry an array of products including clothing and homeware. You are bound to find something whether you are after designers and premiums brands like Ted Baker, Henry Holland and John Rocha or their the ever so affordable Bluezoo.

Debenhams Debenhams Lingerie Debenhams Jewellery Debenhams DSC_2012

I particularly liked the look of the homeware collection for the upcoming season. The rose gold pots which I believe is by Jasper Conran stole my heart! The Debenhams Autumn / Winter Preview had me ohh and ahhing. I spotted many items which are now on my wishlist including coats for my girls. Products should be available soon.

Debenhams Homeware Debenhams Homeware Debenhams Homeware Jasper Conran Cookware

Chilling with my Ray Ban On

A couple of week ago we had a bout of good weather which found me chilling with my Ray Ban On. I know I complain about this a lot, but damn the weather in the UK has been kind of sucky these last few days. Sometimes it feels as if its a crime for the sun to shine more than two days  a week in this country. The influx of holiday photo on Instagram doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the current dull weather. Apparently, it’s meant to pick up towards the end of the week. Here is to hoping I

As Rihanna eloquently put it , “Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feelin’ hella cool”. The bags under my eyes are no longer small enough to be called bags. They have reach the stage where they can only be classed as suitcases that is why wearing my favourite pair of sunglasses is a must!

Chilling with my Ray Ban On Chilling with my Ray Ban On

The same way I now love my Adidas Stan Smith Trainers is the same way I love this BCK & HRSY jacket! ( Similar here ). Its actually from the Mr’s wardrobe but he hardly wears it so I thought why not. Bomber Jackets are in vogue right now and I really like the oversized look of this one. Like the Adidas trainers, I can throw it on over any outfit for a tomboy chic look.

Yet another casual outfit this week because we travelled to Coventry over the weekend for a birthday party. I am really trying to improve a the whole YouTube thing so I tried to vlog the whole weekend.  I plan to edit and upload it soon!

Raybans OOTD
Raybans Sunglasses

Long Weekend

I love a long weekend. This weekend was one of those ones. No matter how hard I tried, all I wanted to do was sleep. In fact, I think I may have passed this on to CeCe as well because thats all she wanted to do too.

Long Weekend

Last week was a massive reality check my for. Remember the cool opportunity I spoke about in this post ( Feeling Blue ) it started this week. I found myself having to leave the house everyday of the week for very long hours for the first time since Amelia was born. I thought I was ready for it but I wasn’t. I missed her and her sister beyond words.

Long Weekend

This week’s outfit is very casual ( don’t tell anyone but I didn’t go to church that’s why ). CeCe ended up with a tummy bug during the first few days. It started off with just a high temperature, then it led to vomiting and diarrhoea ( sorry, TMI ). By the end of the week I was so drained that all I wanted to do was sleep.

I practically now live in my Adidas Stan Smith Trainers. I wear them with anything and everything. They are so comfortable with a touch of style. My jeans are from Zara. Its from from a new Curve collection that I had never heard about until I went to the store weeks ago. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I have every bought. Normally, when I buy jeans from Zara, they are uncomfortably tight but these pair fit like a glove! Glad to see they are now designing for the curvy woman.

Long Weekend

Alex and Alexa

One of my favourite things to do is dress my kids up. Its has become somewhat of a creative outlet for me. A way to showcase my love of fashion. I was so excited when I got the chance to attend the Alexa and Alexa press day which basically showcased their A/W15 collection. Read all the way to the bottom for a little discount code!

Alex and Alexa Accessories Alex and Alexa

If you haven’t heard of Alex and Alexa first of all I want to ask…Where have you been? Branded as the Net-a -Porter for children’s wear the site stocks some of the big names in kids clothing like Little Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabanna and Burberry. As well as clothes, the online store also stocks Toys, Nursery items and kids related home ware. This season, they have some new brands joining in. These include Someday Soon, Akid, Billy Bandit and Sophia Webster kids.

Kenzo Sweatshirt Kids Someday Soon Sweatshirt Kids Alex and Alexa Alex and Alexa Shoes

For those who have noticed, I have a ( slight ) obsession with sweatshirts, especially ones with slogans. When I was the Kenzo and Someday Soon one pictured below I fell in love!

So with further ado, here is what they have in stock for the coming season. Some of the products are already online with more to be added in the coming weeks. How amazing does the party wear rail look! I featured some of their items in my party wear edit last year and I can a lot more going into this year’s too.

Alex and Alexa Skirt Kids Partywear Alex and Alexa Party

For free delivery use FREEDEL expires May 25th.



My Sunday, in fact in the last couple of days, I have been incredibly busy. I’ve found myself running around like a headless chicken but not achieving anything at all. It was so bad that I didn’t manage to take proper blog pictures or schedule my regular fashion post.

I had no choice but to take my pictures indoors this week because CeCe my usual photographer went out with her Aunty. Of course, with CeCe not around, little Amelia wouldn’t let mummy take pictures with photobombing.

Simple DSC_1925I have so much to share on the blog this week. I attended a couple of press days so I have Autumn/Winter sneak peaks to show from them. Also, I plan on resuming an old blog series where I used to share discount codes. They were and still are so popular hence why I have decided to start posting them again.

This week’s outfit is really simple. I chose to wear my favourite Zara dress ( which I repurchased from eBay ), a pair of Zara kitten heels and a red blazer from New Look. Today is the MHP 30 to Watch Awards which I was ‘long-listed’ for. I am so nervous because firstly, I wasn’t expecting it and secondly,  I have nothing to wear!

Kitten Keels Outfit

Red New Look Blazer

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Black and Yellow

The weather in London yesterday was marvellous. After the endless amount of dull days we’ve had, I felt the need to put on a bright colour as a celebration.  After church, we walked to the riverside to bask in the sunlight.

This black and yellow dress is from TK Maxx; in fact it’s my sister’s not mine. The tag states its from a brand called Muse Apparel ( #livelikeamuse ). I believe one of the many reasons God gave me fashionable sisters is so I can nab items from their wardrobe.#livelikeamuse

#livelikeamuseLet me tell you the story of how the dress ended up on me yesterday. I was there when she purchased the dress. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. She bought it so she could try it on at home. Somehow, it ended up in my house, upon numerous requests from her, I kept forgetting to give it back. Yesterday, I was stumped on what to wear, so I decided to try in on and voilà.

Everything about it is not my style especially the cut. However, after trying it on, I adored it. It was a tad short especially for church but that didn’t stop me. I liked the way it fits like a glove ( ignore the fact that it makes me look three months pregnant ). I have another post coming up when I style the dress in a different way so look out for it!TK Maxx Muse Dress

Black and Yellow

Denim on Denim

My style has really changed this year. The types of outfits I normally shy away from are the ones I am now leaning towards. This week, its denim on denim. I have always feared that I will end up looking like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears if I ever tried the denim on denim look. In fact, theirs are not the only bad  denim on denim look out there. Its a look that can easily go wrong if the shades of denim don’t match, if its over accessorised and so on.

Denim on Denim


Mummy Style Blog

Its bank holiday weekend and I can’t even tell you how glad I am about this. That extra day means I get to have a lay in. This week we are all spotting a bit of denim. Dad included. Although he is not in the pictures because he stayed up late to watch the Floyd Mayfeather and Manny Pacquiao fight. The way he was sprawled on the sofa you’d think he was one of the opponents.

You can’t go wrong with denim and Converse that is why we all donned our pairs. They are super comfy! I love how cute Amelia’s feet look in her pair. A mere size four! I was so happy to find this pair in the Next clearance for only £13! Even though I have other pairs of Converse, my dirty white pair are always my go to.

Kids Converse OutfitDenim OOTD

I am wearing H&M Denim Shirt ( Similar Here ) Zara Jeans ( Similar here but with ripped knees ) and White Converse from Office Shoes.

CeCe is wearing Denim Quilted Dress from Next ( Check Clearance ) with tights tights from Zara and a pair of Double Tongue Converse ( Similar here ).

Amelia is wearing Denim Dress from Next ( Similar here ), Blue Cardigan from Zara, tights from grey tights from Zara and Converse from Next ( Check Clearance of Click here )

Breton Top

I have had a strong hatred for Breton tops for as long as I can remember. In fact, my hatred doesn’t end at there. It stretches as far as polka dots and even some pattern.

Breton Top

Last week, I went shopping and came across this Breton Top from Zara and instantly fell for it. It came in other colours like white, grey and black. I chose the Breton top because I want to curb my hatred for them. I quite like the style of the top. Its a little longer and slightly curved at the back which makes it OK to wear with leggings.

Breton Top

I am normally a medium in Zara but I chose to go the next size up and opted for the large of this top because I wanted a loose fitting. I shouldn’t have. It now fits like an oversized fitting.

The leggings I’m wearing is from ASOS, the bag from Primark and I have on my cherry printed Birkenstocks Madrid ( Similar here ). I not normally one to wear a hat but hey why not.The one I have on is from H&M ( Similar here ) and the watch is by Daniel Wellington. Its the perfect school run outfit. A combination of style and comfort!

Breton Top

Feeling Blue

I had a really cool opportunity come my way recently and before it seemed concrete, I was excited and now I’m scared. The prospect of it actually happening has left me feeling blue because it means I would have to return to full time work away from home. I’m torn because I love working but being based at home is not going so well right now.

Feeling Blue

I enjoy waking up everyday and knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids and who they are with, what they are eating etc. However, I get a thrill out of waking up, getting dressed and leaving the house knowing I am going to work. That I will earn enough money to get them anything they want. I just wish there was a balance. A way to get that that peace of mind, the thrill whilst still earning enough. I thought being freelance would get me this balance but it hasn’t.

The main colour of this week’s outfit is blue. To match my feeling. It’s funny how the simplest of outfit grabs the most attention. On Instagram, I had friends and followers commenting on how lovely I looked. When in actually fact, when I was getting dressed I didn’t think much of this look.

Virgos Lounge Jacket

There is something about this Virgos Lounge Jacket that grabs attention. Whenever I am looking to add some vavavoom to a simple outfit, I go for it. The intricate bead work means it really heavy so I am always careful to wear it. It is a really delicate piece that I adore! I’ve had it for two years now don’t see it leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

Sunday for us was really boring. after church we returned home and just chilled. In fact, our entire weekend was just like that. I spent Saturday doing the girl’s hair and catching up on my fav TV shows! OMG Scandal had me speechless #teamjake!

Cobalt Blue Shoe

Chilled Out

Sometimes a chilled out day is the right sort of medicine after endless busy days. This Sunday, that is exactly what I did. Chilled out, didn’t leave the house and even had take out in the evening. Pure bliss.

This week’s outfit is very dressed down compared to last week’s all white outfit which went down well on Instagram. Follow me if you haven’t already.

Chilled Out

I am still so in love with my Adidas Stan Smith Trainers. I love how I can throw them on no matter what it is I’m wearing. Be it a dress, a skirt, shorts or trousers. I’ve worn them so much that they are getting so dirty. I’m now trying to restrict myself from wearing them.

The star of this outfit has to be the leather leggings I picked up from H&M ( Similar here ). I’ve wanted a pair of leather trousers for so long. In fact I picked one up from Next before but they just didn’t fit right so I gave it away. However, I quite like the fit of these h&m ones and they were only £5 so who can complain eh?

Chilled Out

Jacket – H&M ( Similar here )

Camisole – Primark ( Similar here )

Scarf – Debenhams

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers – ASOS

Bag – Zara

Rose Gold Watch – Daniel Wellington

Rose Gold Bangle – Primark ( Similar here )

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful time! As a Christian, Easter is a really important time of the year. For me it is not about the chocolates or the food but about a time to think about my religion. Reflect and renew my baptismal vows.

Happy EasterI still remember when I was baptised. I was not much older than CeCe. I had on this big white lace ‘gown’, white tights and a white cardigan. It was truly amazing. I felt like a princess but in hindsight I must have looked a hot mess. It was actually that dress that inspired what I wore this Easter Sunday. 

Happy Easter

I bought this lace dress from Missguided just before christmas. It was my first ever order from them and I was truly impressed. It reminded me of a lace top and skirt that Kim Kardashian once wore. The lace on the dress is very defined and I love the length.


White Lace Dress | Missguided

White Blazer | Zara

Red T Bar Heels | Next

Necklace | Topshop


I cant remember the last time I wore a cropped top. I have always been nervous about wearing them because of my ‘jelly belly’ ( as CeCe would put it ). This is the same trousers I wore last week, the one I completely forgot I owned. After I rediscovered it, I realised that the waist was high enough for me to pair it with a cropped top.


Like the lace top I wore in my previous post, I recently bought this cropped vest from Primark. In fact, I bought the cropped vest to wear underneath the lace top because the lace design had so big holes. Mind you, there is no way in this world I would wear the cropped vest without a jacket or a scarf.



I can’t wait to  invest in a pair of high waisted flared jeans ( like the one from this post  or a pair of Mih Jeans Marrakesh mid rise jeans. ) just so I can reconstruct this look with a vibrant coloured blazer and wedges!!



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Happy 6th Birthday

Six years ago, on a lovely spring Thursday at 6:40am, my daughter CeCe was born weighing 3.4kg and looking the like the spitting image of her father. From the moment she was born, she filled me with joy. An unfathomable amount of it. She makes me laugh till me stomach hurts. She makes me proud beyond words.  To celebrate her 6th birthday, I thought I’d share 6 facts about her.

Happy 6th Birthday

1. She is funny.

Like laugh out loud funny. For example, on our way back from school one windy day, she fell over randomly. I stopped to asked her if she was OK and what happened. Her response? Maybe the wind pushed me. This still has me in stitches when I remember.

2. She looks like her dad. A lot.

I mentioned it above that she was the spitting image of her dad and I’m not even lying. People doubt she is my child but when she is with him there are no questions asked. They have the same ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Happy 6th Birthday

3. She is fashionable.

Which I think she gets from her me of course. But don’t tell her dad. Like most girls her age, she enjoys picking out what to wear and insists on what to buy. If I was to dress her in something she hates, she’d be grumpy all day.

4. She wears glasses.

This doesn’t please her dad very much because he has ‘perfect’ eye sight. When Cece went to the opticians last year and was told to wear prescriptions for corrective reasons my husband  was adamant that she didn’t need it. I think he forgets that she can inherit from me too.

5. She is knowledgable.

Sometimes when she says things, I stop in my tracks and ask her to repeat it because I have no idea how she gained that knowledge. She knows things I actually wish she didn’t know for example song lyrics.

Happy 6th Birthday

6. Lastly, she I quiet, shy and sometimes gullible.

Yesterday, I told her the reason her friend’s mum had to take her to school was because I went to Nigeria and she believed me. She even asked his our family back home were doing. Oh dear. I love her for these qualities.

She has chosen to celebrate her birthday by having a pizza making party at Pizza Express. Due to availability, it will be taking place on her dad’s birthday in two weeks. Happy 6th Birthday CeCe!!

I Really Like You

I can’t stop singing Carly Rae Jepsen’s new song ‘I Really Like You’. I heard it yesterday and its been stuck in my head ever since. Its similar to her 2012 song Call Me Maybe that also blew up. But I didn’t really like that one but had to tolerate it since it was being played everywhere.

I Really Like You

Aside from Sundays being my day of getting dolled up, it is also the day I use to clean up the house. I do laundry, mop the whole house even clear out the cupboards on this day. I do this whilst listening to music. This helps keep the kids occupied and sometimes CeCe even helps me clean.

I Really Like You

We go from the current chart to afrobeats. I didn’t realise how much fun dancing and cleaning could be. There is something about Carly Rae’s I  Really Like You that is rally catchy! I absolutely loooovee the video. Possibly because I am a sucker for Tom Hanks.

I Really Like You

In the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to take many pictures hence why things have been a little scarce on the blog.  In the post I am wearing this lace top I picked up from Primark with my wide leg trousers from Zara which I forgot I owned.

Wearing Converse

Wearing Converse

I remember I bought CeCe these pair of Converse from the Office outlet on eBay for a fraction of the price its sold on the hight street. It wasn’t her first pair of the shoes and it definitely wouldn’t be her last. I love wearing Converse for my kids. Heck, I too love me a pair. I own a pink which I rarely wear and my white pair have turn brown. Just how I like it. It’s the type of shoes that goes well with anything be it skirt, dress or trousers.

Wearing Converse

When ever we are going out and I say CeCe go put your shoes on, she always opts for these pair. The colour is also such a neutral one so it goes well with just about anything. She’s worn it with her Frozen Dress Up dress here and a Kin by John Lewis Knitted Dress here.

Wearing Converse

This time around, she is wearing it with a pair of jeans from H&M, a ladybird printed shirt from Next and a blue and white strip blazer from Janie and Jack ( Similar here ). The sun seems to be shinning a lot more recently and I hope its here to stay because dressing up warm is getting boring now.



Blondes Have More Fun

Blonde Have More Fun

Every once in a while, I get bored with my hair. Since I chose to wear my hair in its natural state, I find that I am restricted. I cant straighten it and I hate the look of weaves. Due to the lack of options I have I tend to either wear twists, twist out or simply braids.

Blondes Have More Fun

This time round however, I thought I’d play around with colours. I am always safe when it comes to the colour of my hair. The only colour I am brave enough to try is brown. I wasn’t planning on going the blonde route. I was looking for grey hair extensions, but couldn’t find any in my local Afro Hair and Beauty store.  When I saw the blonde I thought, why not? they say blondes have more fun!

Blondes Have More Fun

Unfortunately, it really didn’t come out like I expected and I am now counting down the days till I take it out. Come to think of it, I might just replace the blondes bit with black. I guess I am not really that fun!

Blondes Have More Fun

There is something about the camel coloured wrap skirt from Zara that always makes me feel sexy. The thigh high slit gives the most simply of outfits ( like this one ) a sultry look. I absolutely love this similar one from Whistles. Its the type of skirt that you can wear al year round. I paired the skirt with a basic long sleeve top from Primark and my favourite thigh high boots from Next.



The Circus is in Town

the circus is in town

The circus is in town. The 61st edition of London Fashion Week ( LFW ) will begin this Friday 20th Feb with over 70 designers showcasing as part of the official British Fashion Council ( BFC ) schedule. It feels like so long ago that I attended my first ever fashion week. A/W11 to be precise. I remember I had just started my internship with LGN Events and everything was still new to me. But what I learnt during that period of time is something I will value for the rest of my life.

London Fashion Week pass

I have always loved fashion. Fashion and writing that is. When picking out a career path, I looked for a way to combine the two and that is when my keenness in becoming a fashion journalist was birthed.

During my first season of fashion week, I attend many amazing shows and events. I met models, make up artists, stylists, photographers and of course designers. I haven’t returned to London fashion week since 2013 when I got pregnant with Amelia. I hate the fact that every time a new season approaches now I am on the outside looking in. There is a certain buzz that comes with fashion week or any event to be honest that I get a thrill out of.

the circus is in town

I am not one to attend London Fashion Week without a purpose. A reason for being there. Whether I am reporting for a magazine or collaborating with a brand.  I am not the blogger that will stand outside of Somerset House waiting to get ‘papped’ by the streetstyle photogs ( Not that there is anything wrong with being that person )

I just feel like all that circus-like commotion takes away from the purpose of fashion week. Designers work day in day out for what essentially makes up a 10 min showcase. What upsets me about the direction that fashion week is heading now is that for some, it is no longer about the designers and what they create but about who is sat on the front row or FROW as it is now referred to. It is no long about that intricate design that the designer spent so much time creating which leads to  £100million of orders being placed during LFW each season.

Having worked on off-schedule shows for numerous designers during L FW, I can tell you that the time and effort these individuals spend creating their work should be appreciated more that who was sat in the FROW or which blogger got ‘papped’ the most. According to BFC statistics 10,000 hours was spent on mentoring LFW designers through initiatives over the last year.

London Fashon Week

A lot of the time, bloggers who attend LFW have no idea what it actually is. Sad but true. I see tweets like ” I just got a ticket to LFW, what am I going to wear”. I remember attending a Fashion Scout show a couple of seasons ago and was sat behind an elaborately dressed blogger. She had on this massive head gear that meant I couldn’t see or takes pictures of the models walking on the catwalk. I was so annoyed by this because after the show she was hounded by photographers.

I don’t think they realise that like the Olympics, LFW consists of many events at various locations though Somerset house is the main venue. I don’t think they give a moments thought to the designers showcasing and how that is what helps create the latest trend we see on our beloved high street months later.

New York, Paris and Milan all have their own fashion week which takes place singly with London being the second in the list. However, From my point of view ( possibly because I haven’t experienced the others ) LFW has lost its purpose which is essentially to showcase and sell clothes. There was a time when fashion week was meant for buyers and press alone with the odd celebrity to help create a buzz.

LFW press and Buyers

I miss the days when fashion week had some sort of exclusivity where only real fashion insiders got to attend. I see that the British Fashion Council are working hard to combat the fact that any Tom, Dick or Harry could get a pass but I think more needs to be done to help these designers.

There are now many events that the general public can attend this season. This includes BFC Fashion Film and ASOS Talks which is now sold out but you can view more info here.  The fashions shows can also be live streamed here 

There is also Vodafone London Fashion Weekend which takes place from Feb 26th – 1st March giving the public a chance to experience the fashion buzz in London.


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That 70s Look

That 70s Look

As I write this, I am still torn on how I feel about it but that 70s look is back and it’s here to stay! Our beloved high street stores like Mango, Zara and Topshop have all brought out clothing inpsired by the era.

When the 80s look was revived, I was like YES! Because I loved everything it was about it.  The skinny jeans, the bold colours and the skate shoes! When the 90’s came back though I wasn’t a fan of the whole cropped top look because I couldn’t wear it ( mum tum anyone?) there were certain aspects I did like.

However, with the 70s look, and there are so much that comes it that I’m just not sure I can really pull off,  ( though I think it looks amazing on others. ) the paisley prints, the suede, and of course the endless fringing on bags, jacket or shoes!On a normal day these are all things I would most likely steer clear of.

One thing I am glad to see is the return of the flared jeans. The ones pictured below are by Stella McCartney and way out of my budget but Next have a similar pair ( here ).

That 70s Look

Miss Stan Smith

Miss Stan Smith

I have been lusting after a pair of Adidas Miss Stan Smith for a while and finally got a pair!! I love the way they look and the fact they can worn with a dress, with shorts, skirts, jeans or trouser. I mean the list is endless.

Miss Stan Smith

I remember I had a pair of Adidas Superstar when I was younger but I much prefer the design of the Stan Smith especially because it doesn’t have the bold three stripes. The shoe, which was initially launched in the 70s and named after American Tennis Star Stan Smith was relaunched by Adidas last year. It has since become a wardrobe staple for many fashionistas.

Miss Stan Smith

I even have a Pinterest board featuring different images from around the web of people wearing a pair. It has such a simple design to it.

 Follow Joy Ejaria’s board Adidas Stan Smith Outfits on Pinterest.

Although it now comes in many different designs, and the green seems to be the popular choice, I chose to go for the blue. I chose to style mine in a very androgynous way with Black H&M Trousers ( Similar here ) and Striped Jumper ( Similar here ), an ASOS Shirt, Primark Bag ( Similar here ) and Clement Robeiro camel coat ( similar here )

Style Me Sunday

Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit

Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit

What are your winter wardrobe essentials? Mine are Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit. I don’t mind what shape or form they come in but during the colder months, they are the the type of materials I reach for the most.

With this outfit, the leather is in the form of  a skater skirt from ASOS ( similar here ).I bought it last year, but never got round to wearing it as I was scared it was a tad short. The Suede is in the form of this thigh high boots from Next ( Similar here ). I absolutely love these boots. It adds ‘pizzazz’ to the any outfit. The chunky knit I’m wearing was stolen from the hubby’s wardrobe and is from Zara. I really like the oversized look it gives. Pus its really warm which means I could get away with not wearing a coat.

Its no secret that I have a love for watches. Many a time I have been spotted wearing my Timex which I love for its simplicity or my Michael Kors which I love for style but I have a brand new baby. Its a Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady!

I still haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures with a remote in a covert manner. I wish I had a blogging buddy who could take my picture and I theirs.

Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit


Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit

Leather, Suede and a Chunky Knit

Kin By John Lewis

Kin By John Lewis

I recently bought this dress from John Lewis for CeCe. I was so happy when I found it because I’d been looking for a knitted dress for her for so long. Its such a simple yet stylish dress. Its funny because when I shop in John Lewis, its either for shoes ( Think Kickers and Converse) or school uniform.


Kin By John Lewis
This is the first Kin by John Lewis item that I have ever bought and I am so impressed by the quality. I bought it in the next size up for CeCe ( 7 Years ) and it fits just right. I like the contrast of greys and the material is thick enough to keep her warm in the winter and this enough for her to get away with wearing in the spring. I also got a similar one for Amelia.

Kin By John Lewis

CeCe is currently loving these pair of Converse which she choses to wear with anything. We added a knitted gilet from H&M. Another thing I like about this dress is that it was be dressed up or down for a casual look!

Knitted Dress | John Lewis

Gilet | H&M

Tights | Debenhams

Converse | Office

Grown and Sexy

Grown and Sexy

One of the things I have learnt from being a mum is how to get ready in record time. But yesterday no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t do it. I woke up with more than enough time to get ready for church but decided to go back to sleep for a bit longer. A bit longer turned into an hour and a half leaving me with just an hour to get myself and the kids ready in time. In the end, I gave up on the notion of even going.

Grown and Sexy

Despite this, I still got all dressed up. There is something about this Double Buckle Skirt from Zara that had me feeling all ‘Grown and Sexy’. The thigh high slit revealed just enough leg to make me feel that little bit sexy.

Grown and Sexy


Kitten heels are not my go to pair of shoes for added chic. Most people hate them and call them fashion faux pas but I on the other hand can’t get enough of them. That is if its the right style of course. I paired the skirt with a pair of kitten heels from Zara. I lusted after the black pair of these shoes for SO long. Unfortunately it sold out and is being sold at extortionate prices on eBay.

Grown and Sexy

Jacket | Dolce & Gabbana

T Shirt – Zara

Skirt – Zara

Shoe -Zara

My Very Own Elsa

My Very Own Elsa

For years, I refused to get CeCe a “princess” dress. I absolutely hated the look of them ( I mean who want cheap polyester ). To fulfil her urge for dressing up, I’d just buy the printed T-Shirts from H&M. CeCe’s Christmas list consisted of a Leap TV, Frozen Backpack and Frozen Dress. Can you sense a theme now?

Since the Frozen pandemonium, there was no way I could avoid unnecessary fancy dress. When the opportunity  came to be sent this Disney Frozen Musical and Light-Up Else Dress from George at Asda, I leaped.
My Very Own Elsa
The dress arrived in time for Christmas and I wrapped it up, placed it under the tree and anticipated her reaction on Christmas Day. Which by the way was magical. I have no idea what it is about Frozen that gets kids all giddy.
Lucky it was sent to us because last weekend, CeCe had a ‘Frozen’ themed fancy dress party and all her friends were dressed up. Imagine how she would have felt being the odd one out.
My Very Own Elsa
My Very Own Elsa chose to wear her dress with a pair of Converse for comfort and White Tights. The design of the dress is very detailed. The is snowflakes and wind designs at the bottom, a gradient colour that goes from blue to lilac. The cape at the back was CeCe’s favourite part of the dress. Overall she liked the dress. However, she did complain about having itchy arms at the end of the day. I think this was due to the net fabric used for the sleeves.
We misplaced the musical brooch which is the main feature of the dress but once we find it we will definitely we trying it out because it sounds amazing.   Apparently with the brooch attached, you can press a button at the waist that activates a clip of the music from the film plus flashing lights. Magical!



I have followed the Skinny Hipster Blog for a couple of years now. I love love love her style because I believe it is very similar to mine. When ever I am stumped on what to wear a quick scroll through her Instagram for inspiration and I will have an idea on what to wear.

Every week, she does this thing. Sort of like a linky called #hipstermix where people on Instagram can recreate her look and tag it with the hashtag. I liked this week’s outfit so much so that I have joined in the #hipstermix. When I saw the white shirt and cape on her, I had an instant light bulb moment. Remembering that I owned a cape that somehow ended up at the back of my wardrobe long forgotten.

#HipsterMix FullSizeRender-3

I have had this cape from H&M ( which i’m wearing here ) since 2012 and at one time contemplated throwing it away. Thank God I didn’t. The cape on denim look is not one I would have come up with myself but after trying it, I realised, it works quite well. This week, I am embracing my natural hair and rocking my ‘Fro. I am amazed at how big its gotten. I get a lot of looks on the street with people even asking if its real. Ha! Even my sister didn’t believe it was all my hair and nothing else. It’s very ‘coily’ and I love it!

 Shirt | H&M
Cape | H&M
Belt | Zara
Black Court Shoes | Primark