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Rocket Bishopsgate

Rocket Bishopgate

Good food and great service – that’s what I look for in the restaurants I visit. On Saturday after I attended the first ever Afternoon Tea in Ankara with Temi Otedola, followed by a date with the hubby at Rocket Bishopsgate. Date night for us is a rare occurrence especially a kid-free one so it’s safe to say I was incredibly excited. I love eating out and I love him so the two combined left me feeling major butterflies.

We arrived promptly for our 8:00pm reservation. Even though it was a Saturday night and the restaurant is bang in the middle of Liverpool Street and Shoreditch, to my relief it wasn’t busy at all. I had read somewhere online that customers were the business-types that’s why I picked a Saturday.

Rocket Bishopsgate Joy Ejaria

Our waitress, the lovely Francesca appeared to take our drinks order. I opted for a classic mojito and hubby asked for water. What a bore I thought, only to later realise he had been drinking and didn’t want to drink some more. It might surprise many reading this but at at the tender age of 25, I’ve never been drunk. I drink yes, but I have too much self control to actually get drunk. However, on Saturday the one drink I had led me to the brink. After two sips, I could feel things were changing. I assumed this was because the drink was too strong but hubby corrected me saying it was because I was drinking on an empty stomach. What a rookie mistake.

For starters, I ordered Thai Spiced Crab Cakes served on cucumber & daikon radish ribbons with pickled ginger & lime zest and my date went for the Panko Crumb & Coconut King Prawns With warm green & yellow zucchini ribbons, red chilli & mango dressing. We liked both but preferred the Thai Spiced Crabs. The lime zest and pickled ginger provided the right kick our taste buds required for the culinary experience.

Rocket Bishopsgate Rocket Bishopgate

I love an eclectic menu. The idea of going to a restaurant and having the ability to order a variety of cuisines is the type of thing that fills me up with joy ( no pun intended ). At Rocket, my culinary experience can be likened to a roller coaster ride,   good ride might i add. One minute I was digging into Thai Spiced Crab Cakes and the next, pizza with smoked mozzarella, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes & fresh basil leaves also known as N’duja, Cherry Tomato & Prosciutto on the menu.

Being the type of man that he is, hubby felt somewhat adventurous and ordered the house special. Sirloin Steak and Teriyaki Prawns with apple, ginger and mango salsa, lamb lettuce and toasted sesame seeds. Doesn’t that sound mouth-watering? According to him, it was. It’s all he has been talking about since our visit.

Rocket Bishopsgate Rocket Bishopgate

With the disclaimer that all their desserts are homemade, there was no way we could resist. After eating what felt like the entire menu, we decided to have some ice cream – you know the icing on the cake… the cherry on top. With three scoops to choose from, we order two scoops of pistachio and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Best decision I’ve made this year.

I’d give my experience at Rocket a 5/5 – It rarely happens but when it does, I’m elated. I loved everything about my visit from the table we were sat to the understated decor and the presentation of the food was impeccable!

Rocket Bishopgate

Rocket Bishopgate

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In the past, my happy place used to be at home, in my bed, watching TV and eating popcorn. But now my happy place is in a restaurant eating my weight in food. Whether I’m with friends, family or on my own, I alway seem to be content.

My recent visit to Rudie’s London with Akesha, took my contentedness to a whole new level. I have literally been telling anybody who would listen how Rudie’s should be their next culinary destination. Online, this new restaurant in Dalston seemed much bigger, but upon arrival, we were greeted by a quaint little venue filled with buoyant customers. A sign I used to prophesy if the food is good.

More often than not, I visit restaurants where I’m so spoilt for choice – I wish I could order everything on the menu. Rudie’s of course was no different. The menu offered authentic Jamaican meals like Jerk Chicken, Patties and Rice and Peas with fusion offerings like Jerk Calamari, Bammy Bruschetta and Jerk Caesar Salad.
Rudie’s London
Rudie’s London
Jerk Calamari
Audie’s London Chicken Patty
Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs because for starters, we ordered Jerk Calamari and a Chicken Patty. Choosing between the Fresh Grilled Lobster and the Ya Man! would have probably been the hardest choice we had to make that day so we opted for both and shared. The Ya Man! platter can only be described as incredible. Chicken, Pork, Lamb with a side of Corn Pon-De-Cob all for £24.50? Bargain! Thanks to their 24h marinade technique, every part of the meat was well seasoned. There’s no way I can visit a restaurant with Sweet Potatoes Fries on the menu and not order some. Probably the best I’ve had to date. They were nice and crispy.

One week post our visit, it still saddens me that we had no room for dessert. The Rum Cake with Rum Butter Sauce and Ice Cream sounds absolutely delightful!

Speaking of delightful, who goes to ‘Jamaica’ and not have rum? Not me! I ordered the aptly name Katch a Fire cocktail and lets just say, my throat nearly caught fire. A concoction of five different Jamaican rums including an a reserve rum that arrived on fire, literally and Akeska ordered a fruity boozy smoothie called Jamaica Nice.Whether you are a soft drinker, coffee lover or glass clinker, Rudie’s have the right drink to quench your thirst.

Rudie’s have brought Jamaica to our doorstep! The staff are the type of people that make you want to continuously visit thanks to how amiable they are. My next visit is already in the works and this time, I must taste the Curry Coat or Oxtail!
Rudies is located at 50 Stoke Newington High St. For more information, click here.
Caribbean Restaurant London
Katch a Fire Cocktail
Rudies Restaurant

Jamie’s Italian – Kids Eat Free

jamie's italian

Ciao Bella! I’m not going to lie, that is probably the only Italian I know. That and Buongiorno of course. 

Do you ever walk past a restaurant and think, oh, I would love go there one day? Well, that’t how I felt about Jamie’s Italian for the longest time and I finally got the opportunity to go last week.

Jamie’s Italian Greenwich
Jamie’s Italian
Jamie’s Italian Kids Eat Free
For the second time in a row, Jamie’s Italian kids menu won the Soil Association’s ‘Out to Lunch’ poll for high street restaurants and to celebrate, they were offering kids a free meal for every paying adult. Sadly this offer ended yesterday.

As a half term treat, I was invited to my nearest restaurant in Greenwich with my kids, my brother and his kids. Due to work, we could only visit at dinner. I was worried that they’d be the only kids there at that time but that wasn’t the case. To my surprise Jamie’s Italian is incredibly family-friendly. The kids were given a pack which comes filled with various activities to keep them busy until their meals arrived.

Thanks to rush hour traffic, we arrived at 7:00pm and were immediately sat in the bustling restaurant. I spotted at least four other families with young children digging into a hearty meal. We spent a good amount of time scrutinising the menu before deciding on what to eat.
Jamie’s Italian Burger Meal
Jamie’s Italian Kids Meal
Jamie’s Italian
jamie's italian
I opted for Tagliatelle Bolognese and my brother went for the Jamie’s Italian Burger. I am very watchful about what my kids eat. I hate meals that are very ‘snacky’ or unhealthy. My oldest ( CeCe ) chose Jamie’s Proper Picnic Box and the youngest ( Amelia ) had the popular Happy Chicken Lollipop and my nephews shared a bowl of Mini Spaghetti Meatballs.

In CeCe’s words “ Mummy thank you for taking me to Jamies. My food was super tasty and I can’t wait to come back”. As per usual, she had a million and one questions about the restaurant and the meals. She asked why her meal was served in a lunch box that included an apple. She made it her mission to taste every meal that was ordered. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree because like me, her fave meal on the table was the Garlic and Chilli Prawns from the Bread and Antipasti section of the menu.
Jamie’s Italian Kids

Jamie’s Italian Kids
Jamie’s Italian

Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals

The amount of people suffering from Coeliac Disease, diary intolerance and other forms of food allergies is on the rise. Both my husband and youngest daughter Amelia are diary intolerant.  This has led us to make the switch to other types of milk like Almond and Soya. We’ve also considered going gluten-free but its taking a wee bit longer.

I was more than happy to review Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals when I was approached. I’m not going to lie and say I enjoy cooking everyday. There are many days when I just want to shove a meal in the microwave and have it ready it minutes. However, doing this often means relinquishing taste amongst other things.

Kirsty’s is a range of ready meals free-from gluten, wheat and diary launched in 2012 by Kirsty Henshaw. The company’s aim is to produce high quality, delicious and allergen free alternatives to a range of food products.

Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals Kirsty’s Ready Meals

I was sent three Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals to try. Spanish Chicken with Brown Basmati Rice, Beef Lasagne with a Rich Bolognese Sauce and Pork and Herb Sausages with Sweet Potato Mash. If you’ve been reading my food spots then you know exactly which meal I had first.  My weakness for sweet potato is slowly becoming a problem now.

The Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash is packed in two compartments. One side contains the sweet potato mash and the other for the sausage and gravy. Directions suggest microwaving the meal for 4 minutes in an 800Watt microwave but I added an extra two ( just in case ).

The aroma that filled my kitchen thanks to the gravy was astonishing. I was upset to discover  that upon taste, the sweet potato mash was rather bland. However, when mixed with the gravy and eaten with a slice of the sausage, it was delectable. The gravy was just how I like my gravy to be. Not to salty, well seasoned and oniony!


Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash

One of the things that makes me really impressed with Kirsty’s ready meals was the shelf life. Apparently their long shelf life is down to the fact that they steam cook their meals in their packs to lock in nutrients and flavours.  Refrigerated meals can be kept up until their use b dates whilst frozen meals can last up to six months.

I can highly recommend Kirsty Ready Meals if you are suffer from gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts. Furthermore,  can also recommend these meals if you are looking for quick and easy meals, yet healthy meals. You can find your nearest Kirsty’s stockist by clicking here.

The O2

The O2

The O2 is my go to place for entertainment. Mainly because it is a 15min drive away from where I live. There is so much to do there like eat, watch a film or even climb. My recent visits to the the O2 have left me wanting to experience Up at the O2 but still not sure if I have enough courage. Some of my favourite restaurants there are Rodizio Rico, Chiquita, Pizza Express and Nandos. There are still a handful that I am yet to try like Las Iguanas who are currently offering 20% off with same day cinema or Up at the O2 tickets.

My birthday was last week and Gaucho looked like such a great place to go and celebrate. They are currently offering a three-course lunch for £26pp.  As a Greenwich local, I’ve always said how I don’t value the area and all the fun things available to nearby.

With the upcoming bank holiday weekend, the O2 have a lot of offers in place like ‘Kids Eat Free’ at selected restaurants. Visit for more information.

The O2