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How to Tie a Turban/Headwrap and my YouTube return

When my is looking like a mess with no way to salvage it, the only way option I have is a headwrap. I get loads of people asking me how I tied it so I decided to make a video on YouTube about it.

I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. Love in the sense that I go on the platform at least once a week to watch some of my fave YouTubers. However, I hate being in front of the camera. The first time I gave making videos a try was in 2014. But the whole editing process put me off.

I love reading and writing but with two children, I never seem to find the time to do any. SoI’ve found that it’s easier to just put on a video and get on with other things. This got me thinking about producing such content for my blog readers who may also be like this.

I’m still unsure on what kind of content I’ll be making videos on because lets not lie Joy to the World is a mish mash of everything. I want my YouTube channel to be more refined. I want it to be a place that I can interact, give information and for people to get to know me and my family. So to kick thing off, I’m showing you how to tie a turban/ headwrap in three easy steps. After you watch it, please subscribe to my channel as I begin this adventure.


Bumble and bumble Bb Curl

Bumble and bumble Bb. Curl

One of the perks of my job is that I get to hear about and try out products even before they’ve launched. This month, one of the products to land on my desk is the new Bumble and bumble Bb Curl Range.

Bumble and bumble is a hair care brand that I’ve always heard good things about but never tried. The Bb Curl collection has been created to replace the current Curl Conscious range and consists of six products. “Whether it’s loose and free, or used as a starting point to create a variety of looks—up, half-up, twists—curly hair is always so stylish. This new Bb Curl collection will change the lives of curly girls.” said Laurent Philippon, Bumble and bumble Global Artistic Director

I got out the range bar the conditioning mousse – the result was so good that I had to share.

Bumble and bumble Bb Curl


Bb Curl Sulphate-free Shampoo – I have a thing for shampoos that don’t strip my hair – that is why I loved this shampoo. The Bb.Curl sulphate-free shampoo worked well in cleansing my hair from product build-up. It contains Bumble and bumble’s HydraSculpt Blend™ – a cross-linking polymer that blends styling benefits with moisturisation so that each curl is controlled and hydrated.

Bb Curl Custom Conditioner – It’s no secret that I love a good multitasking product but I’m not going to lie, this one confused me. In the last year or so, I have grown to love co-washing by hair, it’s a great way to keep moisture in my hair for longer. On the odd washdays, I might use shampoo followed by a leave-in but more often than not, I co-wash. This Bb Curl Custom Conditioner can be used a leave-in, co-wash or rinsed out. When used as a co-wash, its apparently meant to remove product buildup while retaining moisture. But when used as a leave-in, it hydrates, detangles, and leaves hair manageable. I’m still trying to figure out how this works and if I like it.

Bb Curl Defining Creme – My hair loves a good defining crème and this one is just lush! Ideal to use before air-drying hair – I like the defined curls it created on my hair. It’s also infused with the Bumble and Bumble HydraSculpt Blend™; as well Brazilian oils which are suppose to help keep hair moisturized and shiny. Unfortunately I didn’t feel my hair was any shiner after using this product.

Bb Curl Anti-Humidity Gel Oil – I read the description of this product before using it and was instantly excited to try it. It sounded as if it was made for my hair. Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil that helps loosen and lengthen wound up curls” I mean, YES PLEASE!! The formula is not one I’ve come across before – the hold of gel and the nourishment and shine of oil? Intriguing. This gel is amazing at holding twists in place. I’m partial to twist outs so anything thing that can keep my twists in place is welcomed. 

Bb Curl Pre-style/Re-style Primer – Hands down my favourite from the range. Why? Well, for one it’s a multi-use product. Secondly, it’s filled with UV inhibitors to protect hair against the drying effects of the sun. With summer approaching this is a must-have for all curly-haired ladies.

Any natural hair maven can attest to the fact that curly hair can be unpredictable. A beautiful twist out can easily turn to an undefined ‘fro come the end of the day. The Bb. Curl range is great at keeping hair well styled all day. Me likey!

Sofn’Freen’Pretty CoCo Curl Up


Sofn’Free is range of hair care  products that I’m very familiar with. Their Curl Activator Lotion used to be my must-have back in the day. To my surprise though, I had never tried the Sofn’Freen’Pretty range for kids. As a mother to two girls, hair care is very important to me. I began relaxing my hair at the tender age of 5 – I refuse to do this to my girls. In fact, relaxers are not the only thing I avoid putting in my children’s hair. I’m also doing my best to not use any hair extension on their hair.

Sofn’Freen’Pretty CoCo Curl Up

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent the Sofn’Free n’Pretty CoCo Curl Up to try and I’ve been using it none stop since. It has led to happier hair days in my household.  The CoCo Curl Up is a moisturising pudding that is formulated to fight frizz whilst sealing in moisture and adding shine.

I wash my kids hair every two weeks. Their wash routine includes shampoo and conditioning, detangling, moisturising before braiding it into a style. Many a time there’s tears involved.  CeCe –  my eldest has super coily locks and her sister Amelia has what I’d describe as 3c. I found that this product worked differently on the two textures.  On CeCe’s hair, I was disappointed to notice that there was no added shine or bouncy curls. It literally only added moisture to her hair which in essence made it easier to comb through and braid. With Amelia’s hair however, I found that not only did it moisturise her hair but it gave her defined curls and less frizz. Although still no shine.

Sofn’Freen’Pretty CoCo Curl Up

The texture of this product is described as ‘gel hydratant’ and I have to say it was my favourite thing about it. It wasn’t sticky or greasy but felt more like a skin moisturiser. The fact that the CoCo Curl Up promised shine but didn’t deliver made it lose some browny points from me.

The smell of this product evoked some pleasant memories and for the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on what it smelt like. Thankfully, when I asked CeCe she immediately replied “ Mummy it smells like bubblegum”. YES she was right, it smells like Hubba Bubba!! I literally can’t stop smelling it. Its amazing!

Sofn’Freen’Pretty CoCo Curl Up is available from Paks or any afro hair store on the hughstreet.

Natural Hair

Once again I have given up on going natural *sad face*
For those of you who didn’t know I was ‘transitioning’ my hair from its chemically treated state to its natural state.
The process is not easy, it takes real commitment and I commend those who are able to do it. The last time I tried to go natural I transitioned for 7 months then texturised my hair then I started again, this time lasting another seven months. What I came to realise is that I am not ready.
Whenever I go to the hair dressers, I get made fun of  “chil’ your hair is tough you need a relaxer” or wow it feels like a sponge. Such comments can really take a toll on a person. If I was lucky enough to have found someone who will do my natural and  very thick hair with no complaints about their finger then I would bee 100% natural by now.
I feel like I’m backsliding but my mindset is too focused on what I look like or what other think. Like I see other natal haired girl and Im like wow I love your hair and wish mine was like that. And yes I know mine could be like that but I just don’t have the patience. I work full time and the spare time I have I want to use to ‘chill out.
I may try going natural again but for now I will stick to what I know best.

People need to understand that going ‘natural’ requires care and attention and your hair will not immediately start looking like the ones is this post I done called Hair Envy.

Should you wish to go natural or want to learn more about your hair why not visit the following blogs:
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The Bun is back

Since I took my Brazillian hair extensions out, I have been wearing my hair in a Top Knot/Top Bun and have been getting a lot of questions about how I achieve the look. Its actually really simple. 
Things you will need:
1. A wide tooth comb or hair brush
2. A couple of bobby pins. ( You’ll probably need just one but have a few just in case)
3. Hair spray ( I use Tresemme Smooth Serum which contain the infamous Moroccan Argan Oil)
The below video by Youtuber, Britpopprincess, shows you a very easy way to get the look. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing then simply fast forward to 3.00 minute in.