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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from I Just Love It | #BestMumBrunch

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This is THE best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received and I just love it – pun intended. Before I tell you what the gift was, let just say this. Every year, I look forward to Mother’s Day. For some, it’s another annoying date on the calendar after Valentine’s and before Easter. However, for me it’s a chance to acknowledge and show appreciation to all the mothers and mother-figures in my life.

I never got the chance to show my mum how much I loved and valued her. So for me to get a present, breakfast in bed, or even a handmade cards from my kids fills me with pure  joy (see what I did there? hehe). Aside from Christmas and birthdays, it’s the one other day in the year where I feel some extra love. This year Mother’s Day started a bit early for me with the #bestmumbrunch hosted by I Just Love It in conjunction with their sister company, Historic Newspaper at Percy and Founders.

Mother's Day Brunch

I’m a journalist so it’s no surprise that one of my greatest love is the news and reading. You can understand my excitement when I received a certified newspaper published on my birth date from Historical Papers. I mean no words can even express the gratitude and love I have for it. I have stashed it in safe please so it won’t be destroyed by my mini mes and man-child.

There is something about personalised gifts that makes them feel extra special. It truly shows how much time and effort the giver put into it. I love my Shimmer Silver Bracelet  with my initials on it. Even though hubby is on the name changing thing for when we renew our vows, I will always look at this monogrammed plate and remember it as who I was before the ‘rebranding’.

I was also gifted a silver-plated vintage dessert spoon and again, I just love it. It’s truly a present that gift holds so much value and can be passed on. As well as the other mentioned gift, I was kindly given a spread love butter knife, personalised statement egg cup and an engraved high ball glass.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

LOL Surprise Dolls | The Latest Toy Craze

Collectible Toys

LOL Surprise Dolls Toy ReviewMove over Shopkins, step to the side Num Noms because the latest toys craze has arrived and they are called LOL Surprise Dolls! Straight off the bat of their US success, the collectible toy has arrived in the UK with an all inclusive, fashion-forward collection of 45!Due to work commitments, we were unable to attend the launch with Toys andMe and boy did that break my little peoples heart. To mend things back together, I promised them we’ll do a video unboxing, however, that also couldn’t happen.

After many tantrums, succumbed to just opening it off camera. Boy, was it worth the wait. Due to the same layers the toy comes in, we opened it like a game 0f pass the parcel. Each child got to open one layer and reveal the surprise. This definitely added to the anticipation of opening a brand new toy. A clue was revealed with each layer, until the doll was opened.

The girls were pleased to reach the end and reveal a brown-skinned, green-eyed dressed in a cat costume and named Baby Cat. Though I’m sure Cece and Amelia aware, I’m still trying to figure out what water skill Baby Cat.

In spite of the fact that I don’t want the colour of my children’s skin to ever be an issue for them, I wouldn’t be a good mum if I don’t acknowledge their reality. They know they are different. They, well the oldest has had questions about why her hair is different from her best friend’s. As a mum, I tried my best to explain this but I won’t sit here and lie that it wasn’t hard. Before I digress into a whole nother topic, what I’m actually trying to say is that LOL Surprise Dolls is a toy like no other. They are a diverse range that any child can relate to.

What I liked the most about LOL Surprise Doll was that nothing was left unused. The round ball the doll arrives in transforms into a doll stand and bath tub. Each leaflet contains valuable information about caring for the doll. It is rare for my husband to take interest in a toy so it really took my by surprise when he asked me where the toy was from before finishing with ‘it’s a classic toy’. What ever that means.

Available from the usual Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer and Toyrus

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Unboxing Day – Num Noms Series 3

Num Noms Review

As the mother of a 7-year-old girl, there are certain things I can’t run away from e.g playground squabbles with her classmate, tantrums when told to tidy up and of course major toy obsessions.

Thanks to the likes of Toy and Me on YouTube, Num Noms were what Santa was asked for this year. We were kindly sent a set which made Cece incredibly happy. For anyone who has no idea what they are, Num Noms are small, scented collectable toys. Today marks the release of the series 3 collection and Series 1 of the Num Nom Lights #unboxingday.

Kids playing with Num Noms

Though there is a dedicated starter pack, I think the different style sets is a better way to kickstart a collection. We were sent the Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Character Pack (Style 1).

The Lunch Box Deluxe Pack Series 3 contains 13 characters and a host of new and special edition characters including an Erase-it Nom, Peachy Stamp-it Nom and Orange Pina Gloss-Up. As with most toys, they are not suitable for anyone under the age of three.

When buying toys, one of the main things I worry about is storage. I was impressed the package recycles as a storage. However, my eager beavers opened the box in such a rush they ultimately destroyed it.

Num Noms Series 3 on the floor

Warm Stylish Coats for Girls

Winter Kids Coats

Using the word ‘freezing’ to describe the wether in London at the moment would not even be an exaggeration. I think because of how long the cold weather took to kick in, we all got comfortable. October felt so warm and many of us could still get away with leaving the house with no jacket.

Fast forward to November and things have changed. The crisp air came out of nowhere and slapped us on the face. Quite hard might I add. As a mother, one of my main worries during the cold season is ‘ how do I keep my kids warm?’ The ailments associated with Autumn/Winter is something I far too familiar with as I’m sure you are too.

Leaving the house when it’s cold is inevitable. However, if I had a choice, I’d stay coup up in my house all winter long. One of the ways in which I keep the kids warm when we do have to go out is by wearing them really warm coats. The same way I love buying coats and jackets for myself is the way I love to get some for the kids. Here are some of the warmest ones on the market right now.

Everything from fur liners to shearling collars, paired with the right accessories, kids are bound to be warm. No longer do you have to pick between style and practicality thanks to the like of Next, Boden and La Redoute.

Finding Dory with Specsavers

Finding Dory

I was so excited about the release of Finding Dory. I had the opportunity to watch it before it was released, however it coincided with my holiday. Being the sharer of joy that I am, I passed on the chance to someone who I knew would appreciate it. Whenever I can’t make it to an event, I know my homegirl Keeks will always cover for me. This is what she had to say:

Finding Nemo came out I was 11 years old. I loved the film and eagerly awaited the prospect of a sequel that never seemed to come – until now. Finding Dory has hit the big screen and I’m not going to lie I was very excited. My niece and nephew have been subjected to watch the original with me dozens of times so they were just as excited as me. I was gutted when I wasn’t able to attend the Specsavers screening. I couldn’t let my niece and nephew miss out, so my mum took them  instead. For anyone wondering, the exclusive screening was to celebrate the new Finding Dory frames available at Specsavers.

Finding Dory with SpecsaversAt £64, the frames are pricey. However, they are free for anyone under the age of 16 with an NHS optical voucher. The kids loved them how they looked on their face. When the kids got to try on the frames, my mum thought “They were really nice and suited them. Not only would I be happy for them to wear them but they actually loved them too. The animated designs meant if they had to wear glasses, it wouldn’t be a big deal.” Sienna, my eight year old niece has had her eyes tested before however, her brother Jackson, 5, hasn’t.  It was great to learn that Specsavers has teamed up with Thomson Screening to deliver free vision-screening software to schools nationwide.

SchoolScreenerEZ is a software which schools can download to carry out preliminary test of children’s eyes. It also includes a test for colour vision. 

The kids had a blast at the screening.  They loved the movie and really enjoyed having their faces painted and trying on the new Finding Dory frames too!

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