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Unboxing Day – Num Noms Series 3

Unboxing Day

As the mother of a 7-year-old girl, there are certain things I can’t run away from e.g playground squabbles with her classmate, tantrums when told to tidy up and of course major toy obsessions.

Thanks to the likes of Toy and Me on YouTube, Num Noms were what Santa was asked for this year. We were kindly sent a set which made Cece incredibly happy. For anyone who has no idea what they are, Num Noms are small, scented collectable toys. Today marks the release of the series 3 collection and Series 1 of the Num Nom Lights #unboxingday.

Num Noms

Though there is a dedicated starter pack, I think the different style sets is a better way to kickstart a collection. We were sent the Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Character Pack (Style 1).

The Lunch Box Deluxe Pack Series 3 contains 13 characters and a host of new and special edition characters including an Erase-it Nom, Peachy Stamp-it Nom and Orange Pina Gloss-Up. As with most toys, they are not suitable for anyone under the age of three.

When buying toys, one of the main things I worry about is storage. I was impressed the package recycles as a storage. However, my eager beavers opened the box in such a rush they ultimately destroyed it.

Num Noms Series 3

Lidl Christmas Party Food

Party Food

Pardon my French but bloody hell #lidlsurprises. I’m the ‘chief shopper’ in my household which means I pick the clothes, the food and the appliances we buy. When it comes to our food shopping, my husband prefers we stick to the same place and for as long as I can remember, Tesco has been out go-to groceries store. However in recent months, I have tried breaking that mould and shopping around. We’ve occasionally done a ‘top-up’ shop at Sainsbury’s and get the odd bits from Aldi. With Christmas being such a special occasion, we go to Waitrose for that.

In all my years, never have I considered going to Lidl. The last time I stepped foot into one of their stores was when I was at secondary school and had a chocolate biscuit addiction. Mumsnet challenged me to buy party food from there. The Lidl Chrismas range were both great value and great tasting which left me pleasantly surprised.

To me Christmas is a time for family and a time to celebrate. I look forward to exchanging presents, eating my weight in food and watching an endless stream of Christmas movies. Since becoming a mum, I’ve found it to be even more important to me. I find new ways to make new traditions with my family and pass on old christmas

I dread slaving away in the kitchen so when I can, I slip out of having to make the turkey. Somehow, it always comes down to me. Maybe because my house is normally the central location where everyone comes to.  When I can get away with not making turkey, I go for whole chicken because everyone loves it. Well, except for the vegetarians. For them, I have a wide selection of party food and snacks to compensate.

With a £25 budget , I headed to Lidl to see how much party food I could get from the Party time range. With a packed basket I headed to the till thinking I’d be told I’ve exceeded that budget. Instead, I was told I was significantly below it and had to get more things. Here are the party food I got:

Partytime 60  Indian selection, £2.99
Christmas Hand Cooked Crisps
Premium Cracker Selection, 1,79
Partytime 12 Chicken Skewers, £1.99
Partytime 14 Vegetarian Spring Rolls, £1.99
Deluxe  12 Tempura Prawns, £1,79
Partytime 10 Gyozas, £1.99
Partytime 14 Duck Spring Rolls, £1.99

With all these food and not enough mouth to feed, I invited some friends and their kids for a girls night in. In the video below, I mention how eager I was to try the Deluxe Tempura King Prawns. My, oh my they were incredible and cost only £1.89! I left them in the oven long enough for the crispy batter coating to be really crunchy. The sweet chilli dip was slight runny but tasted AMAZING. So good, I dipped a few chips in there too. These Tempura King Prawns literally flew off the plate when they came out of the oven. I’ve had to promised to return to Lidl and get some more because even the kids liked them.

Another thing that was quite enjoyable were the Premium Crackers Selection. For £1.79, you get a selection of six multigrain, whole wheat and poppy seed crackers. My nephews who are super fussy and hate trying new things loved them. As they ran around the house, they’d stop to take some and eat. It was an absolute pleasure having everyone over. It truly felt like Christmas day with all the food and people around.

The least favourite from the Partytime range were probably the Indian Selections. I’m not much of an Indian food fan so maybe I should have cooked half and save the rest for another day. In hindsight, the 60 Oriental snack selection might have been a better option or perhaps even both seeing as they cost a mere £3.99 each. The snack selection of vegetable samosas, onion bhajis and vegetable pakoras were very pocket-friendly and definitely something to serve if you are expecting a lot of people.

I cannot tell you how happy I was that all the food cooked at the same temperature of 190C. I really hate cooking frozen food that require different cooking times. Everything went straight in the oven from freezer. In addition, even for the small price tags attached to them, they didn’t taste like generic frozen foods. Each item had enough flavour to have your taste buds dancing.

My nearest store was the Woolwich branch. After a recent renovation, it nice and clean. Things are pretty easy to find and when they are not, the staff are willing to help. As someone who prefers shopping online, I appreciate all the help I can get when I have to shop in-store. As previously mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised with my visit to Lidl and will definitely be going back to get the Oriental Snack Selection and Deluxe Tempura Prawns and maybe a few other bits.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a voucher in return for writing this post


What to Buy on Black Friday

Interior Laredoute

I feel like La Redoute is one of those websites that is always dishing out discount codes. If I recall correctly for Black Friday last year, they were offering 50% off everything – including sale items. This year, though they are only offering 40% off, their sale has actually started way earlier than Black Friday itself.

I’m always hesitant to buy clothes from them because the sizes are always off. Nonetheless, I have my eyes on a few items for my girls. However, what I want to highlight today are their homeware bits. I don’t think there is ever a time when I’m not decorating my home. I literally live in TK Maxx. I’ve found quite a few things on La Redoute that I was put off from buying due to how expensive they were. However, with this code, I think the price is finally right. Black Friday                                                   Round Gold Coloured Metal Tray | From £45 t £27

Black and White Rug | From £69 to £41.40

Black and Gold Bedside Table | From £99 to 59.40

Gold Mirror | From £55 to £33

Mesia Candle Holder | From £59 to £39.40 for the largest

Ikalo Two-Colour Metal Vase | From £35 each to £21

Zafi Cushion Cover | From £27 each to £20


Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 17

Reiss Dress

It’s always a bit weird attending preview events. Although the weather feels like -10 outside, I’m ooh-ing and ahh-ing at summer clothes. I recently attended a few S/S16 fashion press previews in order to get a better idea of upcoming fashion trends for spring/summer 17. I spotted a few trends which I think will be very popular for the coming season.

Saying this might sounds like the biggest cliche but I don’t follow trends. Instead, I let it inspire what I wear. There are certain trends I know just won’t suit my body type ( big butt and mum tum).

  1. Embroidery  – This began to trickle in for Autumn/Winter and from what I saw, it’s going to explode come Spring/Summer. Everything from denims to suede will carry a spot of embroidery. I saw a red floral embroidery on a striped shirt at Matalan’s press day and it was love at first sight.
  2. Off the Shoulder – I can’t even tell you how happy I am to see this trend will still be available come Spring/Summer 17. In this post, I explained how I thought it possessed a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that oozes sexiness and elegance alike.
  3. Athleisure/Sports Luxe  –  Comfort and style is all we fashionistas pray for ( aside from world peace of course). It was great to see even Reiss, known for their tailoring dipping their toes into this trend. I noticed a pair of suede trainers at their press day that I now need to have. This is definitely a trend any mum can wear. Especially on the school run. This leopard print trainers from  Marc Cain is also on my wish list.
  4. Rainbow  – At the Next S/S17 press day, I spotted a cardigan with a rainbow coming out of one pocket and into another and instantly noted it down as a must-have for Amelia! Moving on to the Alex and Alexa press day and it clear as daylight – rainbow is an upcoming childrenswear trend. It looks like Jools Oliver’s Little Bird collection may be the inspo behind this. At the Mothercare press day, I got a peak at her next collection. Let’s just say you’ll want it all.
  5. Prints – Who remembers that scene from from ‘Devil Wears Prada’ where Amanda Priestley goes ‘ Florals… for spring? Groundbreaking. That’s what this trend reminded me of. However, what makes it different is the types of prints. Aside from the usual florals, there are also geometric, stripes and various other style prints. My fave so far was at one I saw at the George at Asda press day.
Pink Converse

Converse at Alex and Alexa

Leopard Print trainers

Marc Cain

Spring Summer George at Asda

George at Asda

Rainbow Trends

Littlebird Clothing by Jools Oliver

Warm Stylish Coats for Girls

Winter Kids Coats

Using the word ‘freezing’ to describe the wether in London at the moment would not even be an exaggeration. I think because of how long the cold weather took to kick in, we all got comfortable. October felt so warm and many of us could still get away with leaving the house with no jacket.

Fast forward to November and things have changed. The crisp air came out of nowhere and slapped us on the face. Quite hard might I add. As a mother, one of my main worries during the cold season is ‘ how do I keep my kids warm?’ The ailments associated with Autumn/Winter is something I far too familiar with as I’m sure you are too.

Leaving the house when it’s cold is inevitable. However, if I had a choice, I’d stay coup up in my house all winter long. One of the ways in which I keep the kids warm when we do have to go out is by wearing them really warm coats. The same way I love buying coats and jackets for myself is the way I love to get some for the kids. Here are some of the warmest ones on the market right now.

Everything from fur liners to shearling collars, paired with the right accessories, kids are bound to be warm. No longer do you have to pick between style and practicality thanks to the like of Next, Boden and La Redoute.

7 Things to Buy for a Stylish Autumn


Despite the fact that every blogger, their mum and their neighbours may claim that Autumn is their favourite season, I much prefer spring and can tolerate summer. As long as it’s not ridiculously hot because that makes me really uncomfortable.

Aside from the fact that I’m no longer required to shave, I don’t see what the colder season has to offer. I hate the fact that it gets dark earlier plus I hate halloween ( yes! ). Oh, I also hate having to put the heating on. Ugh, this post is sounding like a real moan-fest isn’t it?

The morning air is colder, it’s getting darker earlier and the leaves are crunching beneath our feet. All that can only mean one thing – Autumn is officially in full swing. With the new season comes a new dilemma, a sartorial one. Out goes the vests, the floral dresses and the simple sandals and in comes the chunky knits, layering and tights. Here are seven things to buy for an instantly stylish autumn. 


Treasure Tress

Treasure Tress

If you are anything like me, then you’d be happy to hear about Treasure Tress. They are the UK’s first subscription box service for young girls with naturally kinky, curly, coily or frizzy hair. Myself and my daughters have natural hair so this box couldn’t be more perfect for us.

I’ve become somewhat of a product junkie when it comes to haircare. Although I know exactly what works well on my hair, I can’t help but be curious about whats out there. However, doing this is not very pocket friendly nor do I have space to store more products.

Mielle organics UK

Treasure Tress have three specialised boxes to choose from. Brands they’ve worked with includes Cantu, Palmers and Sheabutter Cottage. This month, they’ve collaborated with organic haircare brand Mielle to bring UK subscribers a chance to trial the beloved US brand. The Moisturising Avocado Hair Milk, Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner, Babassu Oil Conditioning Sulphate-free Shampoo all come together to create the perfect wash routine.

My hair has needed some TLC  recently so this range was literally god-sent as the whole brand ethos is promoting healthy hair.The Mint Almond Oil in the latest issue of Blackhair Magazine, so I was glad to see it was one of the products. As well as smelling absolutely amazing, it’s a product that works. After using it a few times, I have to say I’m impressed!


Clarins Fix Make-Up

Clarins Fix Make-Up

On your marks…get set…go! Are you on a search for a good setting spray? I am pleased to let you know your search is over. I’ve found the one and it’s by Clarins. Although the packaging of the Clarins Fix Make-Up spray recently changed, the content however, is still absolutely amazing.
My face is incredibly sensitive and I tend to react to many products – though that doesn’t stop me from still trying them out anyway. I was on the hunt for a setting spray but was really nervous that I’d react to it. I suffer from quite dry skin, especially on my face. The setting powder I’d been using just wasn’t working for me. It left me looking ‘ashy’ and seemed to suck every moisture away. After careful research (meaning I asked an office full of ladies who wear make-up) I discovered Clarins’ offering and as they say – the rest is history.

Clarins Fix Make-Up
I’ve been using this setting spray for a while now and every time I do, I fall in love with it that little bit more. My working day lasts 12hrs including commuting time so when I was searching, I knew I needed a spray that promised longevity. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what the Clarin’s Fix Make-Up spray promised along with instant moisture.

I particularly enjoyed using this setting spray during my three week stay in Nigeria. The hot climate meant my make-up just wouldn’t stay in place. However, with one spritz, it didn’t budge. Pollution in Nigeria can really wreck havoc on skin. I was happy to find out that this spray also contained Clarins’ anti-pollution complex.

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

As a parent, there are certain situations that leave you jumping for joy. Recently, this child of mine has left me feeling all kinds of proud and the only way to express the sheer joy I felt was to jump for joy!

Since turning 7, this little madam has gone from strength to strength. She amazes me in ways that are indescribable. In her recent SATs, I was proud to hear how well she’d done. The idea of children her age being tested was one I disagreed with greatly but non the less I encouraged her to do her best. I’m not the type to put pressure on her because, well that is wrong. The little encouragement I provided and the effort we put in her homework has definitely reflected in her abilities.
Jumping for Joy

School is not the only place she amazes me. At home, she is an incredible sister albeit sometimes impatient. However today, it’s her sense of style that has left me jumping for joy. For Easter, which feels like yonks ago now, we were offered the chance to pick an outfit from Next. With it being so close to her birthday, I put the powers in her hands – as Paddy Mcguiness would say. The outcome? Great actually. We browsed through the endless selection on the next website and this is what she picked – the Pink Jewel Trim Shift Dress and Pink Cut Out Sandals.

I was so chuffed and maybe slightly surprised with her selections. The dress is the perfect blend of dressed up but not in an OTT way. With wedding season upon us, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I also loved the sandals. I have been searching a similar pair for her younger sister. It’s also available in black which I’m considering for myself as we are going on holiday soon – however its constantly sold out!

Jumping for Joy
Jumping for Joy

Gucci Marmont Loafer

Gucci Marmont Loafer

Being a journalist is fun and sometimes it can be glam but let me tell you right now, I don’t earn big bucks. That said, my pocket can only stretch so far. When it comes to style, in recent months the saying “eyes bigger than belly” definitely applies. My style is far greater than my pocket pocket. I now have a strong desire for items that would take up a huge chunk of my pay check.

Gucci Marmont Loafer

To curb this behaviour, I look for high street dupes of the items I covet. These Gucci Marmont Loafer leather courts are currently at the top of my wishlist. i don’t just want them, I NEED them! though they come in other colours, I think the gold variant is more for me. The block heel, paired with the fringe detail and interlocking ‘G’ make them the perfect dressed up but still dressed down pair of shoes. I can see it styled with a pair of boyfriend jeans or perhaps a midi skirt. I do have to say though they are manrepeller shoes but who cares when style and comfort have been blended so beautifully,

At £495 for a pair, it’ll take a couple of months for me to save up enough to get a pair. I managed to track down a pair of look-a-likes from H&M that would work well as a placeholder and for £24.99 it’s a steal! I’m not keen on the metallic finish on the H&M pair though but for now, they’ll do.

Heelys //


In case you didn’t get the memo, skate culture is in! Kids all over the world are donning their best skates in all different shapes and sizes and hitting the streets. Back to the Future predicted that hoverboards were going to be a big trend however, it didn’t warn us that kids of all ages would want to partake in the trend. Brands like Heelys have made it accessible to kids as young as four!

For christmas, some of CeCe’s closest friends asked for some sort of item associated with skating. One was a skateboard and the other a swegway ( look it up! ). Myself and the other parents were stumped on where to get these somewhat obscure items from. The delight we all felt upon discovering was unexplainable. The family owned business has been going strong since 2007 when they started off just selling Heelys.

Heelys are a shoe type with removable wheels embedded on the sole.  They are a fun and revolutionary way to get around. Kids nowadays are obsessed with them – mine included. are the only place I’ve come across that sells a wide range of these shoe from high top variations to one wheels or two wheels. In addition to the shoes, they sell everything from shoe laces, spare wheels and tools you need as well as a Heelys bag.

As a fashion loving mummy, I feared that spending almost £50 on a pair of shoes that she can’t always wear would be ludicrous – but I was wrong. We’ve managed to get a lot of wear out of them. The black and pink pair make style an easy task. They can be worn with jeans, skirt or whatever you wish.


Like any parent, I was worried about injuries that may come as a result of wearing Heelys – so far so good. When not in skate mode, the waffle grip keeps the trainers planted to the floor.

I really like the fact that on, shoppers are able to shop by recommended age, size or even type. Heels are recommended for ages 4+ so size start from UK 11 which is EU29 (correct me if I’m wrong)

Zoeva Classic Brush Review

I still consider myself a newbie in the make-up world. When I first started wearing make up, I used to use a brush set from Sephora before moving on to the more talked about Real Techniques brushes. I loved my set and didn’t really have an issue with them. That was until I tried Zoeva Classic Brush set and fell in love. I didn’t quite realise how much of a difference the tools used can make.  Since using the Zoeva brushes,  my make-up now appears more flawless even with my shoddy application. Zoeva Classic Brush The classic brush set from Zoeva comes with eight brushes for face and eyes.  My favourites are no.142 and no.128 because they are brushes that I didn’t realise I needed but have changed my make-up application ‘game’ for the better. Brush 142 is a concealer buffer to be used in applying and blending in concealer. I’ve been using it to buffer in Charlotte Tilbury’s Retoucher Concealer and the result is AMAZING! The dense bristle work very well in covering up my underage circles.

Brush no. 128 is my other favourite for many reason. Firstly, it is incredibly soft.  Secondly, the angled shape makes application to cheeks a dream. These factors combined are what makes this brush a must have! This post cannot be completed without a honourable mention to the 317 brush because with this brush my eyebrows and now always on fleek!

105 Luxe Highlight: Apply highlighter
125 Stippling: Airbrushed finish application of foundation
128 Cream Cheek: Apply and blend cream and powder blush
142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer

227 Luxe Soft Definer: Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
228 Luxe Crease: Blending and shading eyeshadow in the crease
230 Luxe Pencil: Precise shading and smoothing edges
317 Wing Liner: Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing

Overall, I’d say for £52.95 you get what you pay for with these brushes. I haven’t experienced any shedding, and they wash really well.

Bargainista Fashionista

The January sales have heightened my shopping addiction. However, to keep my spending to a minimum, I do two things – imagine 3 different way I’d way the item I covet and only buy it if it’s truly worth it. Fortunately, for my style and my bank account, a lot of items have met that criteria.

My recent sale finds has led to be dubbing  myself ‘bargainista fashionista’ over on Instagram.  I bought the most glorious bell sleeve dress in Zara for a mere £7.99 and I’m currently lusting over these New Balance 410s.


I’m the type to buy new clothes and wear it everyday non-stop. Take this coat for example, I bought it last week and have worn it every chance I get.  The fit is exactly what I look for in a coat, but I do wish the colour was different. Say navy blue.

When it comes to navy blue coloured items, I’m like flies on s***! I’m drawn to them in a way that even I cannot describe. My style direction for 2016 is all about keeping things to a minimum. I’m drawn to greys, blacks, blues and whites with the extra pop of colour which you can see from my Instagram.

Towards the end of last year, I had an idea to revive a post I used to write but I became so busy that I couldn’t. I hope I’m able to implement it this year so every one of you can become bargainista fashionista like me.

‘Shopping Friday’ will be a regular post that’ll bring you discounts codes, heavily discounted products and sale finds. Bargainista Fashionista

Bargainista Fashionista Bargainista Fashionista


Cor Blimey, it’s been a while hasn’t it. Never in my wildest did I ever think I could neglect my blog the way I have in recent weeks. Juggling work, family and everything else has gotten the best of me. I would like to sit here and make promises about how this is all going to change but the truth is I can’t. Not yet anyway. But to all my new and regular readers, I do promise to put in more effort in making things work.

Last week was my nephew’s birthday. He turned two. To celebrate this and the end of the summer holidays, we had one last hurrah at Rodizio Rico. I thought my orange Dashiki was the perfect thing to wear. It was stylish enough to make it seem like I dressed up but loose enough to allow me to eat my weight in food.


Orange Dashiki

Dashiki has been around or year and years, but recently stars like Beyonce, Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko have been spotted wearing the vibrant fabric which originated from West Africa.  Recently, Elle Canada suffered a backlash after they dubbed it ‘the new kaftan’. Dashiki can be bought from eBay for Etsy.

What I love about is that its feminized.  The ruching just below the chest adds a modern touch to the usually loose shirt. I chose to wear it with my fave leather leggings from H&M ( Similar here), toe post sandals from Next ( Similar here ) and Black bag from Zara ( Similar here ).



Net-A-Porter Sale

The Net-A-Porter sale kicked off today and some of my most lust after pieces have been reduced by up to 50%. If like me, you love a good bargain, then I suggest you head to the site now. I took it upon myself to create a list of items that I believe are worth buying in the Net-A-Porter sale.

I think these shoes are must haves due to how pocket friendly and basic they. I own a pair of each, but in different colours. They can be dressed up or dressed down and perfect for the school run. They are bound to sell out so be quick before they go!
Net-A-Porter Sale

Vans Canvas slip-on sneakers • Vans • £22.50
Vans Snake-effect leather slip-on sneakers • Vans • £35

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star canvas sneakers • Converse • £27
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star canvas sneakers • Converse • £27

adidas Originals Stan Smith leather sneakers • adidas • £45.50
adidas Originals Superstar 80s leather sneakers • adidas • £63

Jewel Street

There is something mesmerising about rose gold. The soft blush tone on a watch, a handbag or in this case a necklace just captivates me.

A couple of weeks ago, Jewel Street got in touch to ask if I’d be interesting in reviewing their site. My answer was of course a resounding yes!  For those who may not have come across the site before, let me give you some back story. Jewel Street is an online marketplace for jewellery designers. in 2013, the site was presented with the Professional Jeweller’s Hot 100 Trailblazer award.

Jewel Street Astrid and Miyu


Jewel Street stocks some amazing jewellery designers many of which can’t be found anywhere else. I was offered the opportunity to pick one item but because of the amount of brands stocked, I truly was spoilt for choice. I was torn between this Moon Necklace  By LuCy Q, a designer whose pieces I have had my eyes on for ages. Or to go for a now sold out Shiny Wishbone in Rose Gold Necklace by Astrid and Miyu. In the end, simplicity won because I chose the Astrid and Miyu necklace which I have been wearing every chance I get.

The site is really easy to browse. The women’s department is separated into clearly marked sections like New In, Material, and Collection. For example, if you are after rose gold earrings you’d simply click on rose gold under the material section.

Jewel Street

I am currently into dainty pieces that are all about their simplicity. This necklace is just that a simple yet statement piece. When worn, it sits below the collar bone. The chain is a 30.5cm long cable chain. It goes so well with my Primark Bracelet and Rose Gold Daniel Wellington Watch!

For more information on Astrid and Miyu or to check out the other designers available on Jewel Street, click

Debenhams Autumn / Winter Preview

Last week, Debenhams held an event to showcase their A/W15 offering. Being the eager beaver that I am, I attended the event. Below are just a few of the things you can expect to see in stores soon. Debenhams have puled out all for their Autumn Winter collection. I was really impressed with all the products I saw at the preview.

Debenhams A/W15 Debenhams Winter Debenhams Partywear Debenhams Kidswear

One of the main things I like about Debenhams is their vast offerings to suit any budget. They carry an array of products including clothing and homeware. You are bound to find something whether you are after designers and premiums brands like Ted Baker, Henry Holland and John Rocha or their the ever so affordable Bluezoo.

Debenhams Debenhams Lingerie Debenhams Jewellery Debenhams DSC_2012

I particularly liked the look of the homeware collection for the upcoming season. The rose gold pots which I believe is by Jasper Conran stole my heart! The Debenhams Autumn / Winter Preview had me ohh and ahhing. I spotted many items which are now on my wishlist including coats for my girls. Products should be available soon.

Debenhams Homeware Debenhams Homeware Debenhams Homeware Jasper Conran Cookware

Alex and Alexa

One of my favourite things to do is dress my kids up. Its has become somewhat of a creative outlet for me. A way to showcase my love of fashion. I was so excited when I got the chance to attend the Alexa and Alexa press day which basically showcased their A/W15 collection. Read all the way to the bottom for a little discount code!

Alex and Alexa Accessories Alex and Alexa

If you haven’t heard of Alex and Alexa first of all I want to ask…Where have you been? Branded as the Net-a -Porter for children’s wear the site stocks some of the big names in kids clothing like Little Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabanna and Burberry. As well as clothes, the online store also stocks Toys, Nursery items and kids related home ware. This season, they have some new brands joining in. These include Someday Soon, Akid, Billy Bandit and Sophia Webster kids.

Kenzo Sweatshirt Kids Someday Soon Sweatshirt Kids Alex and Alexa Alex and Alexa Shoes

For those who have noticed, I have a ( slight ) obsession with sweatshirts, especially ones with slogans. When I was the Kenzo and Someday Soon one pictured below I fell in love!

So with further ado, here is what they have in stock for the coming season. Some of the products are already online with more to be added in the coming weeks. How amazing does the party wear rail look! I featured some of their items in my party wear edit last year and I can a lot more going into this year’s too.

Alex and Alexa Skirt Kids Partywear Alex and Alexa Party

For free delivery use FREEDEL expires May 25th.


Best MAC Lipsticks

Whilst everyone often saves their dark lipsticks for autumn/winter, I like to wear mine all year round. I have a decent amount of MAC Lipsticks. Some which I have review on For some reason, my favourite shades seem to be the darker tones. That’s except for Ruby Woo of course. My collection is slowly growing so I thought I’d share three of my best MAC lipsticks.

Dark MAC LipsticksIf I recall correctly, the second ever MAC lipstick I ever bought was Rebel. A satin finish creamy plum colour as described by MAC. I fell head over heels in love with this lipstick because unlike Ruby Woo which is a matte finish, this one had a satin finish that didn’t leave my lips feeling dry. Also, it is such a long wearing vibrant berry colour. I love the fact that this shade can be worn all year round. Slightly sheer in the summer, then in the winter, I like to line my lips with MAC’s Night Moth lip liner to make it a deeper tone.

MAC Diva is a lipstick I hunted down and bought thanks to recommendations. I have a review which you can read here. As mentioned in my review, as a women of colour I believe the shade really complements dark skin tones. It is one of the best MAC lipsticks recommended for wearing during autumn/winter.

The latest in my MAC lipstick collection and part of the MAC Ruben and Isabel Toledo collection recently released, MAC Sin is gorgeous deep red matte which I love. Very similar to Diva just slightly ‘browny’.  Because this is such a dark shade, I like to leave my make up look really simple when I wear it.

Dark Lipstick Swatch


Denim on Denim

My style has really changed this year. The types of outfits I normally shy away from are the ones I am now leaning towards. This week, its denim on denim. I have always feared that I will end up looking like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears if I ever tried the denim on denim look. In fact, theirs are not the only bad  denim on denim look out there. Its a look that can easily go wrong if the shades of denim don’t match, if its over accessorised and so on.

Denim on Denim


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Its bank holiday weekend and I can’t even tell you how glad I am about this. That extra day means I get to have a lay in. This week we are all spotting a bit of denim. Dad included. Although he is not in the pictures because he stayed up late to watch the Floyd Mayfeather and Manny Pacquiao fight. The way he was sprawled on the sofa you’d think he was one of the opponents.

You can’t go wrong with denim and Converse that is why we all donned our pairs. They are super comfy! I love how cute Amelia’s feet look in her pair. A mere size four! I was so happy to find this pair in the Next clearance for only £13! Even though I have other pairs of Converse, my dirty white pair are always my go to.

Kids Converse OutfitDenim OOTD

I am wearing H&M Denim Shirt ( Similar Here ) Zara Jeans ( Similar here but with ripped knees ) and White Converse from Office Shoes.

CeCe is wearing Denim Quilted Dress from Next ( Check Clearance ) with tights tights from Zara and a pair of Double Tongue Converse ( Similar here ).

Amelia is wearing Denim Dress from Next ( Similar here ), Blue Cardigan from Zara, tights from grey tights from Zara and Converse from Next ( Check Clearance of Click here )

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I have a new found obsession with fragrance and watches but I’ll save the latter for another post. I have a host of fragrances sitting on my bathroom shelf. I have even review a couple. ( Have a look here and here.) My current favourite is Prada Candy.  Today, I am sharing with you The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I was intrigued when I heard about The Fragrance Shop’s Discover Club. Like a beauty box, the Discovery Club sends out fragrance samples quarterly for just £5. I truly believe this is a really affordable concept and the no obligation contract means it can be cancelled at anytime. It comes with both male and female fragrances.

Perfume Samples Box

What’s more, with every discovery club box comes a discount for each featured perfume which can even be passed on to friends/family. The most recent box comes with 7 perfumes vials which include delightful brands like Stella McCartney, Guerlain ( which smells amazing ) and Versace.

The Discovery Club

This could pass as a really nice gift for someone. The Discovery Club provides an opportunity to try out a range of fragrances ( minimum 5 ) before making that commitment to buy. The packaging is really nice and simply. The rectangular box is covered in shredded paper and each sample come with its own packaging.

For more information on how it works click here.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful time! As a Christian, Easter is a really important time of the year. For me it is not about the chocolates or the food but about a time to think about my religion. Reflect and renew my baptismal vows.

Happy EasterI still remember when I was baptised. I was not much older than CeCe. I had on this big white lace ‘gown’, white tights and a white cardigan. It was truly amazing. I felt like a princess but in hindsight I must have looked a hot mess. It was actually that dress that inspired what I wore this Easter Sunday. 

Happy Easter

I bought this lace dress from Missguided just before christmas. It was my first ever order from them and I was truly impressed. It reminded me of a lace top and skirt that Kim Kardashian once wore. The lace on the dress is very defined and I love the length.


White Lace Dress | Missguided

White Blazer | Zara

Red T Bar Heels | Next

Necklace | Topshop


I cant remember the last time I wore a cropped top. I have always been nervous about wearing them because of my ‘jelly belly’ ( as CeCe would put it ). This is the same trousers I wore last week, the one I completely forgot I owned. After I rediscovered it, I realised that the waist was high enough for me to pair it with a cropped top.


Like the lace top I wore in my previous post, I recently bought this cropped vest from Primark. In fact, I bought the cropped vest to wear underneath the lace top because the lace design had so big holes. Mind you, there is no way in this world I would wear the cropped vest without a jacket or a scarf.



I can’t wait to  invest in a pair of high waisted flared jeans ( like the one from this post  or a pair of Mih Jeans Marrakesh mid rise jeans. ) just so I can reconstruct this look with a vibrant coloured blazer and wedges!!



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Vita Coco Kids

One of the things I pay attention to when buying food for the kids is of course content levels. I’d hate for them to have too much of something. I’m that parent that checks the labels before buying. With drinks, I tend to be weary of the sugar levels.

They enjoy drinking drinks like Ribena, Orange juice and fruit shoot but I always try and give them in moderation because of the sugar levels. With Amelia, I alway mix it with water to ensure I have reduced to an ideal level.

Vita Coco Kids

Did you know : Sugar can cause tooth decay in children. Dentists  advise drinking water and sipping sugary drinks from a straw to limi ‘free sugar’ contact with teeth. Free Sugar are harmful sugars that stay in the mouth’s saliva.

Did you watch the BBC documentary The Truth About Sugar? I did and I learnt a lot. If you didn’t I’d recommend you do. Some of the revelations were truly shocking and some were of course expected. I was surprise to see that fruit juice like orange and apple contain far more sugar than I thought.

With the help of nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, Vita Coco Kids have a launched a sugar guideline called The Sugar Maze.  It has been designed to help parents like me make an easy an informed decision on what children should drink.

Vita Coco Kids

I’v always enjoyed a nice glass of Vita Coco Natural Coconut water so when I saw Vita Coco Kids last year in Waitrose, I picked it up without hesitation.  ( I even tweet about it here ). CeCe and Amelia both love the Mango & Pineapple flavour whilst I prefer the Blackcurrant and Apple.

The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) has recommended that our daily sugar in take should not be more than 10% of our daily energy intake ( 50g ) whilst the UN agency advise only 5% ( 25g ). I think aiming for the middle is advisable.

The Sugar Maze Vita Coco Kids

The Sugar Maze by Vita Coco Kids make spotting high sugar culprits easy. On the maze, I was surprised to see that smoothies  and fresh vegetable juice were on the ‘ re-think your drink section’. However, according to their research smoothies contain far too much sugar and fresh vegetable juice may have high sodium levels. A 180ml carton of Vita Coco Kids contains 9g of sugar and other leading kids drink are well above 10g with high calories too.



Blondes Have More Fun

Blonde Have More Fun

Every once in a while, I get bored with my hair. Since I chose to wear my hair in its natural state, I find that I am restricted. I cant straighten it and I hate the look of weaves. Due to the lack of options I have I tend to either wear twists, twist out or simply braids.

Blondes Have More Fun

This time round however, I thought I’d play around with colours. I am always safe when it comes to the colour of my hair. The only colour I am brave enough to try is brown. I wasn’t planning on going the blonde route. I was looking for grey hair extensions, but couldn’t find any in my local Afro Hair and Beauty store.  When I saw the blonde I thought, why not? they say blondes have more fun!

Blondes Have More Fun

Unfortunately, it really didn’t come out like I expected and I am now counting down the days till I take it out. Come to think of it, I might just replace the blondes bit with black. I guess I am not really that fun!

Blondes Have More Fun

There is something about the camel coloured wrap skirt from Zara that always makes me feel sexy. The thigh high slit gives the most simply of outfits ( like this one ) a sultry look. I absolutely love this similar one from Whistles. Its the type of skirt that you can wear al year round. I paired the skirt with a basic long sleeve top from Primark and my favourite thigh high boots from Next.