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Vera Wang Princess EDT Review

Vera Wang Princess EDT review

When it comes to buying gifts for me, my husband is hopeless. He often gets it so wrong. Most of the time, to make things easier for him, I just tell him what I want. This includes Valentines, birthdays, anniversary and of course Christmas. This year however, because I’d already received an early gift in the form of a DSLR camera, I wasn’t expecting anything else.

Vera Wang Princess EDT

I was pleasantly surprised though when I was given the Vera Wang Princess EDT on Christmas Day.  The last time he bought me perfume for Christmas I was pregnant with CeCe and hated the smell ( Calvin Klein Euphoria ). Every time I smelt it I’d run straight to the bathroom to vomit. Till today, I cannot smell that perfume without feeling queasy. The power of smell is amazing.

This time round however, I have no bun in the oven so my nose welcomes new scents with glee. When it comes to perfumes I am not your girly girl. I’d rather opt for a more masculine scent like my all time favourite Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey ( which by the way is for men ). Although I wouldn’t have bought this for myself,  I do like the scent. It is ideal for everyday use as its sweet but not sickly. A couple of spritz lasts all day. The scent is a mixture of  a mixture of waterlily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla.

Vera Wang Princess EDT review

The packaging is actually what I really like about the Vera Wang Princess EDT. I am currently going through a lilac obsessed phase and this fits right in with everything else. The heart shape bottle sits well on a shelf. The set I received came with a little roll on which fits into the smallest bag and wallet.

That 70s Look

That 70s Look

As I write this, I am still torn on how I feel about it but that 70s look is back and it’s here to stay! Our beloved high street stores like Mango, Zara and Topshop have all brought out clothing inpsired by the era.

When the 80s look was revived, I was like YES! Because I loved everything it was about it.  The skinny jeans, the bold colours and the skate shoes! When the 90’s came back though I wasn’t a fan of the whole cropped top look because I couldn’t wear it ( mum tum anyone?) there were certain aspects I did like.

However, with the 70s look, and there are so much that comes it that I’m just not sure I can really pull off,  ( though I think it looks amazing on others. ) the paisley prints, the suede, and of course the endless fringing on bags, jacket or shoes!On a normal day these are all things I would most likely steer clear of.

One thing I am glad to see is the return of the flared jeans. The ones pictured below are by Stella McCartney and way out of my budget but Next have a similar pair ( here ).

That 70s Look

Miss Stan Smith

Miss Stan Smith

I have been lusting after a pair of Adidas Miss Stan Smith for a while and finally got a pair!! I love the way they look and the fact they can worn with a dress, with shorts, skirts, jeans or trouser. I mean the list is endless.

Miss Stan Smith

I remember I had a pair of Adidas Superstar when I was younger but I much prefer the design of the Stan Smith especially because it doesn’t have the bold three stripes. The shoe, which was initially launched in the 70s and named after American Tennis Star Stan Smith was relaunched by Adidas last year. It has since become a wardrobe staple for many fashionistas.

Miss Stan Smith

I even have a Pinterest board featuring different images from around the web of people wearing a pair. It has such a simple design to it.

 Follow Joy Ejaria’s board Adidas Stan Smith Outfits on Pinterest.

Although it now comes in many different designs, and the green seems to be the popular choice, I chose to go for the blue. I chose to style mine in a very androgynous way with Black H&M Trousers ( Similar here ) and Striped Jumper ( Similar here ), an ASOS Shirt, Primark Bag ( Similar here ) and Clement Robeiro camel coat ( similar here )

Style Me Sunday

My Very Own Elsa

My Very Own Elsa

For years, I refused to get CeCe a “princess” dress. I absolutely hated the look of them ( I mean who want cheap polyester ). To fulfil her urge for dressing up, I’d just buy the printed T-Shirts from H&M. CeCe’s Christmas list consisted of a Leap TV, Frozen Backpack and Frozen Dress. Can you sense a theme now?

Since the Frozen pandemonium, there was no way I could avoid unnecessary fancy dress. When the opportunity  came to be sent this Disney Frozen Musical and Light-Up Else Dress from George at Asda, I leaped.
My Very Own Elsa
The dress arrived in time for Christmas and I wrapped it up, placed it under the tree and anticipated her reaction on Christmas Day. Which by the way was magical. I have no idea what it is about Frozen that gets kids all giddy.
Lucky it was sent to us because last weekend, CeCe had a ‘Frozen’ themed fancy dress party and all her friends were dressed up. Imagine how she would have felt being the odd one out.
My Very Own Elsa
My Very Own Elsa chose to wear her dress with a pair of Converse for comfort and White Tights. The design of the dress is very detailed. The is snowflakes and wind designs at the bottom, a gradient colour that goes from blue to lilac. The cape at the back was CeCe’s favourite part of the dress. Overall she liked the dress. However, she did complain about having itchy arms at the end of the day. I think this was due to the net fabric used for the sleeves.
We misplaced the musical brooch which is the main feature of the dress but once we find it we will definitely we trying it out because it sounds amazing.   Apparently with the brooch attached, you can press a button at the waist that activates a clip of the music from the film plus flashing lights. Magical!



I have followed the Skinny Hipster Blog for a couple of years now. I love love love her style because I believe it is very similar to mine. When ever I am stumped on what to wear a quick scroll through her Instagram for inspiration and I will have an idea on what to wear.

Every week, she does this thing. Sort of like a linky called #hipstermix where people on Instagram can recreate her look and tag it with the hashtag. I liked this week’s outfit so much so that I have joined in the #hipstermix. When I saw the white shirt and cape on her, I had an instant light bulb moment. Remembering that I owned a cape that somehow ended up at the back of my wardrobe long forgotten.

#HipsterMix FullSizeRender-3

I have had this cape from H&M ( which i’m wearing here ) since 2012 and at one time contemplated throwing it away. Thank God I didn’t. The cape on denim look is not one I would have come up with myself but after trying it, I realised, it works quite well. This week, I am embracing my natural hair and rocking my ‘Fro. I am amazed at how big its gotten. I get a lot of looks on the street with people even asking if its real. Ha! Even my sister didn’t believe it was all my hair and nothing else. It’s very ‘coily’ and I love it!

 Shirt | H&M
Cape | H&M
Belt | Zara
Black Court Shoes | Primark

What are your habits costing you?

What are your habits costing you?

Its been a super busy week for us. From prepping the house for christmas to prepping for Amelia’s birthday which is just two weeks away. It really has been overwhelming.  We are STILL not sure if we are having a party due to the timing of things. To be honest I’d rather spend the party money on a short break abroad. 

For many including myself, this time of the year often leads to lots reflecting. I personally enjoy looking back and seeing the goals I have achieved, the pictures I have taken and the adventures I have been on. But one thing that always occupies my mind is money. I wonder if Iv saved enough and if I could have done anything differently.
This year, I developed a lot of bad habits that are crippling me financially.  I have mentioned my love for food in my “What I am thankful” But what I didn’t mention was how expensive this love. 
Another bad habit, though not new that I have is shopping. I’m embarrassed to admit that I buy a new item of clothing at least once a week. Dont judge me. Have you never heard of Retail Therapy? This habit however, has gone to a new direction where I am now buying for the kids instead. Thats because its easier to justify buying for them to my husband.
I used the Legal & General habit cost calculator to see how much my habits are costing me and lets just say I am not surprised by the results. By my calculations, if I saved the money I used on takeout a month, I could end with up 60% of the money needed for a holiday abroad. I will definitely be cutting back in 2015 as I save towards a trip to NYC!
The cost calculator is Legal & General’s way of getting us to think about life with a long term perspective They believe that with a tax efficient saving account , we could all be spending our money differently.
 What are your habits costing you?
Sponsored post – read my disclaimer here 

Christmas Gift Guide for Women

Christmas Gift Guide for Women

Ohhh Christmas is coming. Only 24 days to go now and I can’t contain my excitement. I went shopping on Oxford Street last week and it really got me into the festive spirit. Last week, I compiled a christmas gift guide for kids and this week I have one for women. I know a lot of bloggers are doing these. Its a great way to find gift ideas. Majority of the stuff on the list are something I would definitely want someone to get me. It consists of lingerie, chocolate, wine and music. All the things that make my life fun! A couple of products on the list like Green & Black Chocolate, the Idea Radiance Trio and Spotify are things I can’t live without!

 Christmas Gift Guide for Women

  1.  This illy Francis Francis Y3 IperEspresso machine caught my eye because of the colour. It also comes in Orange!
  2.  Halo sport headband , created to help keep sweat away from the face are also fashion forward!
  3.  I really like these Sophie Anderson handwoven bags. Especially the bucket style one with orange pom poms.
  4. Lloyds Pharmacy stocks a wide range of celebrity perfumes like Cheryl Cole’s Storm Flower
  5. Lingerie is not just for valentine’s day. This set is from french brand Maison Lejaby is so pretty.
  6. Both Taylor Swift and Sam Smith released such amazing albums this year. Albumcards  is a personalised greetings card plus music gift, all in one!
  7. It’s no secret I love Timex watches for their stylish yet simplistic designs that us why I think they make great gifts.
  8. If it’s a present that lasts all year round you are after then I think a Baylis and Harding gift set is the way to go. The one pictured is the Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Slipper set from Lloyds Pharmacy.
  9. I still remember the first time I had Green and Blacks. It was this time two years ago and since then its been a love affair. They are the perfect festive season snack in from of the TV watching Netflix.
  10. For just £6.00, this Vaseline Make Up Bag collection is a bargain. It comes with a make up bag ( of course ) a Hand and Nail lotion and a Lip Therapy rosy lips.
  11. Yes, another lingerie set. This time by Edge O’ Beyond.  I really like the blue negligee.
  12.  Spotify makes a great gift for someone with an eclectic taste in music. They have gift cards that can be bought online or from selected retailers like The Co-operative, Homebase, Argos, Morrisons and Tesco.
  13. These Diva Pro hairdryers, are mesmerising. The colours are so vibrant.
  14. Michelin starred Kinloch Lodge Hotel Isle of Skye has a range of luxury festive food gift packages.
  15. A spa with a difference Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa also happen to do gift vouchers.
  16. From the Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert  teacup collection, this teacup is available to buy from House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwicks, and Harrods.
  17. Edinburgh Woollen Mill Headband 
  18. I have been using the Amway Artistry Ideal Radiance Illuminating Essence for about 6 months and now swear by it. I use it as a primer and the result is amazing. This gift set comes with a Moisture Cream and Spot Corrector.
  19. I have had my hair in its natural state for a few years and I finally know what works well for me. Anything with Argan Oil like this Creightons Argon Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. 
  20.  Make up Eraser does the job of removing make up without the need of cleansers. Sounds like a life changing gift for make up lovers!
  21. Tictail sounds like the place to go if you are looking for creative and unique gifts like the pictured unicorn print cushion or Celine Earrings by Marina Celi.
  22. OMG doesn’t The Chapel Down Vine lease scheme sounds like it was set up for moments when a bottle of wine just isn’t enough? Either way it makes a cool gift for wine lovers.
  23. The Discovery Mixed Duo Gift Box by Laithwaite comes with two bottles. One red and one white for £20
  24. Chocolate Ecstasy Tour.
  25. Chocolate Boutique Hotel Hamper

Aveeno Moisturising Cream Review

In my family, we all suffer from really from Eczema have have dry and sensitive cream skin. When CeCe was born she reacted to a product which then led to bad case of eczema. This led to many trips to the GP and we tried every cream under the sun. From Doublebase Gel to Oilatum Bath Formula in her water before we found what worked for her.
Luckily, with Amelia we didn’t have to go through that until recently. Since birth, Amelia has been using just natural products. Mainly Olive Oil and Shea Butter. However as autumn arrived, I noticed her skin began to change. It’s now feeling dryer than usual. This normally happens to my skin during winter and I normally use Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly to curb it.
Aveeno Moisturising Cream Review
As I was going through my stash of beauty products I discover a tube of Aveeno Moisturising Cream that was in the Britmum 2014 goody bag. I decided to start using it and the results have been amazing! Upon first use I could how smooth it felt on my skin that is when I decided to try it on Amelia.
I’d heard of the Aveeno before but never actually tried any of their products because since discovering,  Aqueous Cream years ago, we always stocked up. The Aveeno Moisturising Cream worked well in stopping redness and itchiness caused by eczema. It also absorbs really fast without leaving face shiny and with no sticky residue left on hands. It comes in a variety of packaging and quality. The one pictured is a 100ml tube and normally cost £6.99 from Boots.
Aveeno Moisturising Cream Review
One of the key ingredients in the cream Colloidal Oatmeal which apparently has been proven to restore the skin’s natural barrier. The full ingredients in the cream are [PR-010017] Aqua, Glycerin, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Palmitate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour, Allantoin, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina, Isopropyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol
The is works really well for the face especially during the cold period. I would definitely be buying more and if you suffer from eczema, dry or sensitive then you should also try it.


Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

This year, buying christmas gifts for my family seems like such a hard task. What do you buy for people who seem to have everything?

I really don’t want to be lazy like the year before last where I bought almost everyone gift cards or like last year where I didn’t buy anything with the excuse that “I just had a baby”

This year for christmas I want the gift to be something they need. Some that they can use during the year and each time, they can remember I got that for them. I know Christmas is not all about the gifts but its the only time I buy gifts for people. I mean it is a season to be joyful and spread Joy to the world right? So to kick things off here is my christmas gift guide for kids. I hope you get some inspiration!

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids
  1. Suitable for many ages and great for the girly girls. I love this ballerina canva from Illuminated Canvas for £34.05. They have all kinds of designs for girls, boys, home and ones with a christmas theme
  2. From a young age I enjoyed reading and writing and dreamed of becoming a Journalist. At 13, I was doing the paper rounds in my area. First News is an award winning newspaper aimed at kids aged 7-14. It is a good way to get kids interested in reading and learning about current affairs.  A subscription costs £32.99 per year. Visit for more info.
  3. It’s always difficult finding what to buy a baby for their first christmas. Last year, I got Amelia a Sophie the Giraffe teething set. This year, I’m stomped on what to get because there is too much toys in the house I am thinking some clothes from Baba and Boo will be nice. They have cute designs and like a fox, a robot and a hedgehog and gift wrap too. Their triangle bibs are so cute. I really like the chevron one.
  4. Like I mentioned above we have too many toys in the house but never enough clothes. I have only just discovered No Added Sugar and I love them. They have simple yet stylish designs for kids. I love this crown, its a nice alternative to the paper ones you get in crackers.
  5. Young Driver offers driving lessons to children aged 11-17 . This is a present for those curious teens who really want to get behind the wheel. the young driver are taught in dual control cars on private properties so safety is not an issue.
  6. From the name alone, 79 Poems of Mainly Nonsenseness looks like a funny book that a few kids I know would enjoy reading.
  7. Count to 10 with a Mouse is a really nice book suitable for kids aged 3 and below. The book comes boxed up with a small mouse perfect for use in telling the story
  8.  The National Gallery, in store and online have products suitable for women men and kids. Like this Pagoda Rainbow Umbrella for added fun on a rainy day or this Colour Mixing Bubble lab for the curious kid.
  9. These Emmy London Bespoke Suede Baby Booties are on the pricey side at £60 but if worth a buy if you are looking to splurge on baby’s first christmas.
  10. The Dandy Kid is a recently launched online boutique which stocks some of the cutest stuff ever like this Squirrel chasing an acorn toy or this Tootsa MacGinty Fox Jumper. There is an endless stream of gifts on this website.
  11. Philips sure do know the way to a child heart. They have created a wide range of Disney related products like the Frozen and Spiderman projector and night light. I am in love with this Olaf Torch
  12. Like The Dandy Kid, Traidcraft stocks some very cute gift worthy items. They stock items suitable for any sex and age group. As you can see I like quite a few items from them like this Daisy Dress-up Dolly and this Elephant Storage Sack. If you would like to help others whilst shopping this christmas then Traidcraft is the place to shop.  Producers earn a fair wage, enabling them to work their way out of poverty and change the lives of their families and communities.

Picking a Colour Scheme

Picking a Colour Scheme for Baby

Picking a colour scheme for a nursery is never an easy task. At least for me it wasn’t. With CeCe we went for the obvious choice when we knew we were expecting a girl. Though I went for neutrals for some stuff, majority of her things were often pink. When I was told Amelia was going to be a girl I really wanted to steer clear of the colour pink because my house already looked like barbie threw up inside.

With Amelia, there were two colours that I really wanted for her. They were yellow and a plum purple. Two colours that really didn’t go together. However, I was quite happy with the colour we stumbled upon. The room which she shares with CeCe is lilac and white with flowers and butterflies for a dose of girlie.
However  all her eating and bathing accessories are part of a lime green colour palette. It started the Summer Infant Foldable Baby Bath I bought then some how everything else fell in that colour scheme. It is not the most girlie of colours but like I said, I was tired of seeing pinks and purples everywhere.
When picking a colour scheme whether its for the nursery walls or baby’s accessories a good place to start is my having a mood board. Document all the colours that catch you eyes. From there, like me you may notice that one colour catches your fancy more than another. There are many online tools out there for finding colours for walls like this one from Dulux.
Picking a Colour Scheme for Baby

Ella’s Kitchen ‘jingle belly’ Christmas Dinner

Ella's Kitchen ‘jingle belly' Christmas Dinner

Its no secret that I love Ella’s Kitchen! I blogged about there Weeny Weaning Restaurant that I attended with Amelia a while back.

This Christmas they making my love for them reach new levels with their jingle belly Christmas Dinner. Which essentially is a christmas dinner in a pinch suitable for babies aged 7months and above. This is the perfect way to include weaning babies in the christmas dinner tradition. The jingle belly pouch contains , carrot, parsnips, red cabbage, potatoes, sprouts, cranberry  and of course turkey! So they are not missing out on all the christmas trimming!

Ella's Kitchen ‘jingle belly' Christmas Dinner

For every pouch of the jingle belly christmas dinner sold, Ella’s Kitchen will donate 30p to Kids Company  in order to help them provide food for disadvantaged children and their families on Christmas Day. We all know how hard the christmas period can be especially for the less fortunate. That is why it is nice to see a brand trying to make a difference. To donate to Kids Company and help them feed thousands of vulnerable little ones this Christmas, go to

The Ella’s Kitchen ‘jingle belly’ Christmas Dinner costs £1.39 and is available from Tesco now. For more  information, visit

gNappies Review

gNappies review

The fact that I am only sharing this now is quite embarrassing. I received some gNappies earlier this year and I have been meaning to write a review saying how much I loved them along with a video on how to use them. However, those of you with babies can testify on how hard it is changing them let alone filming the whole process. So I thought I might as well share my thoughts before its too late.

gNappies review

According to statistics from gNappies, up to 8 million nappies get binned in the UK every day, with up to 90% of these ending up in landfill sites and each one takes up to 500 years to biodegrade. gNappies are a hybrid brand of nappies loved for their eco friendliness. The two part nappy system is part disposable ( the inserts ) and part reusable ( the gpants ).

We were sent two pairs. A vibrant purple one and a patterned one pictured above which I really like. During the hotter months I often had Amelia in just a pair of gNappies crawling around the living room. What’s great about these nappies are the fashion forward designs and the way they ‘sit’ on a baby’s bottom.

When Amelia was younger, one of the issues we had with her nappies were leaks. Where no matter how I put the nappy on it would leak after she poos. I was afraid that this would happen with gNappies and it did. However, it happened because I didn’t put them on the right way. Like most nappy I assumed that the velcro fastening were meant to be at the front. Of course after realising this and fixing the mistake, we no longer had leaks.

Each insert is meant to last at least 3 hours before needing a change. I found that it had potential to last longer. Depending on the baby and how often they “went to the toilet”.  With Amelia, this varied. Sometimes I used one insert for 3hours if not more and other times less.

The gPants come in three sizes. Small suitable for babies weighing between 3-7kg, Medium for 5-13kg and large for 10-16kg. Prices for the gPants starts from £14.95 and £8.95 for the inserts ( Contains 40 inserts for small and 32 inserts fir medium/large sizes ). For more information, please visit

I would definitely recommend these nappies to anyone however, I would warn that they are on the pricey end so be prepared.
Gutted to find out that there was a limited edition gPant called gJoy  and had Joy to The World written on it. Sounds like it was designed for us. Cant seem to find it anywhere though 🙁
 gJoy gPants

Get the Look

Get the Look

Whoa, am I the only one who thought that half term went pretty fast? Even after a week off, I still don’t think I’m well rested. Oh well, thats parenting for you.  Bring on the christmas holidays.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. As you know, I have been doing a lot of get the looks and this week I have another. Kids fashion need not be boring and this week we have an amazing Ted Baker Coat from Debenhams which CeCe absolutely loves! She said “Mummy this coat is so soft and warm I want to sleep in it”

Get the Look


What I love the most about this coat is the lining. It is such a bold floral print that is rarely seen on coats. Amelia was also sent a coat made from this print ( here ) I love the fact that the girl can sort of match.

Get the Look

To let the coat do this talking, we left the rest of the outfit simple with just this Ladybird shirt from Next and a pair of black leggings and brown suede boots from Zara ( Similar here ).

Sooo… What do you think of this week’s outfit?

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer Review

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer Review

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer Review

With young kids in the house, there are often many things that can cause fevers from teething, an infection to even the common cold.When it comes to temperature, it is often too hard to know how high is too high. Braun  have created a new range of age precision thermometer with colouring  so parents can know the definition of a fever according to their child’s age. I was lucky enough to be sent a Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer to review.

Personally, one of the main reasons I loved this thermometer was the age precision guide. Clinical Research revealed that the definition of  fever changes with age.  As a mother of two kids with such varied ages, this is a handy tool to have because what may be a normal temperature for CeCe maybe a high temperature for her sister Amelia.

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer Review

The tip which unlike other thermometers is pre warmed, fits right into the child’s ear with no pain or discomfort. The colour coded display on the thermometer goes from green for a normal temperature, to yellow for an elevated temperature and then red for a high temperature. I also really liked the fact that the thermometer came with batteries ( two AA ), a case and some disposable lens filters included.

Amelia is currently teething. So far, we have eight teeth soon to be ten because the cuspids are now trying to come out. Not sure where she is rushing to because according to most ‘guides’ these are not due out till after 12 months. With this means added pain and fever. Having this thermometer has helped because as the colour coded display goes to yellow ( elevated ) I know it time for the next cause of action aka Calpol.

I would definitely recommend this product to any parents or expectant parents. It is such a handy thing to have for added piece of mind and can be used for a very long time.

Cbeebies’ ‘Get Well Soon’ very own Dr Ranj Singh shared some great tips on managing a fever. He advises parents to Check, Hydrate, Keep Cool, Medicate and Seek medical opinion when a child has a fever. For more fever advice, please click here.


Autumn Style

UK Parenting Blog

After reflecting, I have come to realise that in terms of my style the less I wear the better. I have finally reached a stage in my life where I am actually really comfortable in my own skin and know what suits my body. My style has evolved from hot mess to fashionista.

My autumn style is all about simplicity. You know what they say “less is more”.   I grown to love autumn/winter because of what you can wear. A person’s style can really shine through if they can put a great outfit together during the colder months.

Today, I wore this dress/shirt combo which I absolutely loved! Pairing it with these thigh high boots from NEXT gave it that extra pizazz which took the outfit  from summer to autumn. Autumn Style UK Fashion Blog Outfit Joy to The World

Dress | Zara ( Similar Here )

Leopard Print Shirt | H&M ( Similar Here )

Thigh High Boots | Next

Gold Watch | Timex

Kids Fashion Get the Look

Kids Fashion Get the Look

Yes.. its that time of the week again. To be honest, I’m quite enjoying these Kids Fashion Get the Look posts. It’s so much fun taking these pictures of CeCe plus its an awesome way to document her style. I love the fact that she can have her own style diary.

This week we cheated a little bit. Even though we got up and got ready for church, we ended up not going. So, when I suggested we go outside and take some pictures can you believe what CeCe said to me. “Mummy, you are trying to trick everyone.” She so cheeky!

It was all about yellow for us this week. I posted this picture of my outfit on Instagram and this one of me and Amelia on Twitter. The choice to wear yellow was actually inspired by Amelia. I absolutely loved the way this Mustard Yellow Bodysuit from H&M looked on her.

Kids Fashion Get the Look


Kids Fashion | Get the Look

Kids Fashion Get the Look

UK Parenting BlogThe last Kids Fashion Get the look I done received such a great response that I have decided to make it a regular thing. This week’s outfit was what CeCe wore to church.  I absolutely loved how she looked. It was a simple but stylish outfit that even an adult can wear. Her Zara boots wear an old purchase that was too big until now. The blazer is one of my favourite pieces in her wardrobe. We bought when we went to Paris. I bought a similar one too but had to return because it didn’t fit right.  If you can’t tell already, I am a huge fans of Zara kids. Thats where the jumper is wearing is from as well.

She is wearing is a pair Denim Jeggings from H&M which are only £5.99. I have been buying them since she was 2. Each time it gets short, I buy another. I was so shocked to find a similar pair from Joules . They also have a similar blazer.

Badge for TTT, Badge

Barnardo’s and Argos Toy Exchange

Barnados and Argos Toy Exchange

For the third year running, Argos has teamed up with children’s charity Barnardo’s to raise funds for young people in the UK using their toy exchange scheme.

Barnardos and Argos Toy Exchange

From now until November 25th, you can take your old or unwanted toys to any Argos or Barnardo’s and in exchange, you will be given a £5 Argos Voucher (per donation) which can be used when you buy over £35 from the Argos toy range. The Argos and Barnardo’s Toy Exchange is such a great scheme, helping others whilst saving on Christmas presents.

For more information, please click here.

Kids Fashion | Get the Look

Kids Fashion | Get the Look

Brr can you feel the chill? Personally, I love Autumn and Winter however, winter with kids is the horrible. If you don’t wrap them warm enough they open to catch the dreaded cold. I dress my girls exactly how I dress myself up during the colder months. Its all about layering. My first, CeCe absolutely hates having to wear scarfs, gloves and hats. She’s a fashionista like that. Anyway to keep her ‘stylish’ and warm, I tend to go for tights ( even under trousers ) and  cardigans ( under coats ).

I was browsing, through my laptop and stumbled across this picture of her from earlier this year after the Vue Kids AM event we attended. Her outfit is a mixture of Zara ( Coat and Shoe ),  H&M ( skirt ) and M&S ( Tights. )

Hope you like the Kids Fashion | Get the Look I created with the following items

Zara Double Breasted Mohair Coat

Zara Double Sided Coat with toggles 

Zara Leopard Print Tulle Skirt

Zara Boots with Perforated Stars and Buckle

H&M Boots with a Wedge Heel

H&M Cat Print Tulle Skirt

Kids Fashion | Get the Look

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For those of you that may not know, October is a month dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. Brands often create new products and pledge a percentage of the sales to their chosen cancer charities. According to statistics, 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their life time. Every year 55,000 people are diagnose. That is an astonishing amount hence why raising awareness and funds is vital.

This year, there are a wide range of brands taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness month so get ready to see lots of pink! From beauty brands like Bobbi Brown to wristwatch brand Guess. Below is a round up of some of the brands.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1. Zumba have launched a Pretty in Pink Collection with 30% of the sales going to their research into preventing breast cancer. For more information, please visit

2. Another Just Giving Page, but this time by One Chic Mom, an online magazine aimed at mothers. For every donation One Chic Mom will send a specially designed recipe that is affordable easy to make and of course child friendly.

3. Ethical egg brand, happy egg co. have designed a limited edition box which comes with a 10 mixed egg and being sold for £2.00 in Asda nationwide. They have also selected two breast cancer charities and will donated £35,000 to them.

4. Monster Headphones have created a neon pink  iSport Intensity headphones and for every sale, they vouch to donate £5 to Breast Cancer Care with the aim to raise £10,000 by November.

5. Apparently researchers have estimated that 9% of cancer cases could be prevented through change in diet. That is why appliances retailer Sage Appliances  launched a Just Giving Page to encourage their shoppers to donate. Every person who makes a donation will be entered to win a  Nutri Juicer Plus ( They have four to give away ).

6.Online fashion brand Damart is selling a pink thermal top with £5 from every top sold being donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign fund.

7.  This year, GUESS have chosen to partner with The Get in Touch Foundation, an organisation that is committed to education people on how to get in touch with their bodies. The limited edition watch is available from The Watch Shop. For more info, please visit

8. I have a problem. I am a sucker for homeware and I want the six pink limited edition kitchen products created by The Pampered Chef . The Help Whip Cancer range is in support of Cancer Research UK and for every product sold, £1 will be donated to the charity.

9. Marked as the one to watch due to her innovative and contemporary designs Fine jeweller MyriamSOS has designed a bracelet composed of 375 rose gold, pink waxed cord and 6 pink sapphires. The bracelet will be available to purchase from or Wolf and Badger in Mayfair ( as well as the wolf and badger website ) with 15% of proceeds to Breast Cancer Support Centres UK.

Its great t see so many brands working on a great cause! For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness please click here




Autumn Wardrobe Update

There is no greater sign that autumn is here than the leaves on trees turning brown and falling off. With this weather change comes a reason to change things around. I have already started putting away my summer clothes, swapping my beauty regimen ( my skin tends to suffer a lot during the colder months.) and even changed my house decor around.

The new John Lewis Edition Autumn magazine makes changing things around so much easier. They have  specially curated items that are ideal for autumn. The free app has reignited my shopping habits and like I like to say ” I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the economy” HA!

Without further ado, here are some of the items I have my eyes on from the autumn edition of the magazine. Each item works well together, individually and with pieces I already own. Let me know what you think f my autumn wardrobe update.

Hobbs Rose Print Silk Top, Black/Multi





Winter Wishlist

Summer is over…WELP! The weather is looking more dark and gloomy and I have had one thing on my mind. Winter Wardrobe. I do love me some summer but there is something about winter that the wanna-be fashionista in me just loves.  I just need a couple of items to take my wardrobe from summer to winter.

Camel is still in for A/W14 and this coat from Zara check every box for me. Warm, Long and oversized. It is also the type of coat that goes well with everything. From casual to smart. Other items on my winter wishlist include a pair of black courts, dark ripped jeans, a White Tee and of course a jumper.

My colour palette seems to be moving towards neutrals. However, I am still bearing in mind the tips I learnt from #kaleidoscopeofcolour.

Winter Wishlist

Kaleidoscope of Colour

Kaleidoscope of Colour

Red, orange, yellow, green blue. Don’t forget there’s purple too. Rainbow colours for me and you. When shopping for new clothes, do you think about the colour of the item before you purchase? Well, neither did I until I met colour expert Ciara O’Grady courtesy of online fashion retailer Kaleidoscope.


It all took place last month where myself and two other bloggers Danni from It Started with a Squish  and Deb from Bang on Style travelled to Manchester to meet with the Kaleidoscope team and find out the secret to choosing the right colours. According to Ciara O’Grady a colour expert who trained with Colour Me Beautiful, choosing the right colour lies in you natural colour. In my case, I have a strong dark look due to my dark hair, eyes and eyebrows.  She advised me that the best colours for my kind of colouring is dark colours like Black, dark browns and navy. However, to flatter my colouring it is best to combine with bright colours like hot pink and purple.

Kaleidoscope of Colour

Watch the video below to see how Ciara explaining how to find what what colours suit you best.

I was then given the opportunity to take Ciara tips and shop from from the Kalaidoscope A/W14 Collection. I didn’t think it would be such a hard choice but in the end I went for this … Patrizia Dini fine print jumper  ( Pictured below ) and  Print Short Sleeve dress which fits like a glove.Kaleidoscope of Colour

This was such an amazing opportunity because of course I knew certain colour did not suit me but I wasnt sure what actually did. It your colouring is different from mine just visit the Kaleidoscope of Colour section on the website for more information and other helpful videos.



Neighbourhood Food Collection Challenge

This is a very different post from what I usually post. Well, not so different because I like to post about variuos charities who strive to help others.

This week, I present to you Trussell Trust a charity partnering with communities to launch foodbanks across the UK. Giving emergency food to people in crisis & raising awareness of food poverty. Its funny, when we think about poverty, we assume its a thing that only those who live in 3rd world countries suffer from. But did you know that in the UK, 1 in 4 children live in poverty and by 2020 3.5 million children will be living in poverty. This saddens me.

Neighbourhood Food Collection Challenge

This July, Tesco will undertake its 4th Neighbourhood Food Collection to help tackle the growing issue of food poverty in the UK.  Customers across the country will be encouraged to donate non-perishable food items to Tesco stores nationwide. The collection will help provide much needed food for the Trussell Trust foodbank network and the all the other UK charities supported by food redistribution charity FareShare.

Neighbourhood Food Collection Challenge

To raise awareness of the growing issue of food poverty in the UK and highlight just how many families are relying on food banks to feed their children, Tesco have created the Neighbourhood Food Collection Challenge. I will face the challenge of food poverty for one week by living off a food parcel containing items that will last me for 5 days.  The content was already curated and has literally just been delivered to my house by Tesco. The challenge is to make every item last and share my innovative recipes and experiences on my blog starting from Monday.

Neighbourhood Food Collection

So I have enough to live on, the parcel I received has been turned into a balanced diet. I have everything from porridge to Long grain rice.

The food parcel isn’t an exact replica of what the Trussell Trust give out as the charity runs on donations, every food parcel is different and mine was purchased from Tesco and normally food can be from anywhere.

Britmums Live


Its less that 24 hours now till Britmums Live In case you have missed my incessant mention of this on twitter…..I am going to Britmums Live! WHOOOHOOO. As its my first time I am kind of nervous not being knowing what to expect. I have said how socially awkward and being new to the whole parenting/lifestyle blog world, I only know a handful of people who are going and I am scared of being billy no mates. So far on twitter I have ‘met’ a couple of people going but they seem to be part of a ‘clique’ already and this scares me. Eekk anyway enough about my nerves.

Again, If you follow me on twitter you would have read my tweet where I compared #britmumslive to #LFW. The excitement that the parent bloggers are feeling is very similar to that felt by fashion bloggers just before London Fashion Week. For my readers who have no idea what Britmums Live is, it is a two day social media and blogger conference for lifestyle bloggers. ( read more about it here  )

Being the last minute kind of person that I am. I have left it till pretty much the last day to find what to wearThis is what I’ve decided to wear.I think this T Shirt from Next was made for the event! I decided to pair with the Beloved  Lexi Pleated Skirt and Tartan Slip Ons from Topshop. Depend on the weather, I might add a blazer and a scarf. Another thing I’ll be wearing on the day is a baby so if you are attending and you see us please say hi, because like I told you I’m socially awkward and may not approach! And if you are not attending but want to know more about what is going on on the day, make sure you follow the hashtag #britmumslive.

britmums live