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Hello… Did you miss me?  I know you did don’t lie!

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram or like my Facebook page, you may have already heard the good news.My little bundle of joy was born on 18/12 and this is the first baby diary entry.

Ayo the Giraffe

As my due date drew nearer as passed, my nerves began to to kick in. I was extremely scared about going into labour and wanted all the pain killers they would offer. I was scheduled to be induced over christmas but I really didn’t want that so I done all I could to kick start labour. On 16/12 I had an unsuccessful sweep but my contractions started early hours of the 17th when I also had a show. Went to the hospital in the morning, got sent back, then returned at about 5pm when I was 3cm dilated. Was sent to do laps and walk up and down the stairs of the hospital to get things going as I couldn’t be admitted till I was at 4cm. After hours of walking, at 22:35, the midwife checked and said I was now 5cm! HOORAAH! We were transferred to the delivery suite where the midwives began prep for labour  and before I knew it I was ready to push. The little giraffe arrived at 00:05 on 18/12 weighing 3.2kg.

So far, everything is going so well. I have a routine and a great group of people around me. Big Sister CeCe is enjoying every bit of it. Helping with bathing, getting the nappies and all other big sister duties ( She does miss getting all the attention though). Trying my best to stick to breastfeeding only

ayo and cc

Baby Amelia and Big Sister Cecilia

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